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Revell 1/72 Gato

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Revell 1/72 Gato
Posted by Pavlvs on Thursday, July 28, 2011 1:04 PM

I just got the 1/72 Gato from Revell.  I really want to do this kit justice for my brother who is currently the Navy's Commander of Submarine Forces.  (COMSUBFOR) I have seen threads about this kit but the pictures are all gone from the threads.  I guess Photobucket has a limited shelf life so does anybody have any good pictures and/or advice on doing this kit up right?  I would be grateful for any help I can get especially on painting and weathering it.  Thanks.

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Posted by Division 6 on Friday, July 29, 2011 9:06 AM

First order of business is you have to decide on what boat do you wish to build and what year / refit since no two boats where alike.

This can lead to some major work in some cases depending on the yard that built it and mods that where made.


The Revell (1/72) Gato is mostly based on the USS Cobia SS 245 but as a post war museum so if you stay with that then you don't need to do to much work.


You will need to remove the doors on the side of the fairwater (con tower) since those are only on museums to keep the public out, leave if building as a museum.

Flip the stern horizontal diving planes to get a more accurate shape.

The bottom flood hole openings, sound heads and speed log are missing on the bottom of the hull.

Note: the flood openings did not have screens over them only the sea chests and bottom of the chain locker.(Eduard PE set)

Exhaust openings and some flood holes are missing on the sides of the upper deck structure and the steps on the sides should have 4 openings not 3.

Openings on the turtle back (very back end of the main decking) need to be drilled.

Remove the broom off the top of part 94 on the periscope sheers unless you are building it as the museum.

Omit part 49 (breather)

To make it accurate to the Cobia you will need to replace the bow torpedo shutters to the flat kind.

If you plan to build her as a WWII boat you will need to move and replace the Buoy Markers since as far as I can tell they where changed within a year after the war.


If you like you can PM me for the bottom Flood Hole patterns, the ones that are for sale are not correct for this boat.

The sound heads can be made with 6mm airsoft pellets and some sprue and the Speed Log can be made from sprue or metal rod.

For extra detail you can add the Zinc blocks to the lower hull.

Floating Drydock sells copies of the actual construction blueprints

Eduard sells PE sets (the decking set does not correct the Marker Buoys for a WWII boat)

White Ensign makes PE, deck guns and torpedos

Accurate model Parts (AMP) make an assortment of torpedo shutters and some other parts

There are a few other vendors of resin parts that I would pretty much stay clear of since they tend to need a lot of extra work or are inaccurate, best to scratch build yourself.


AMP has a building forum and the owner is a member here (Rokket)

Sub Committee used to have a lot of information but they have made their Fleetboat section a Paying Members only section, ironically there seems to have only been 3 posts made in the area since that happened a few years ago.

1946 Fleetboat operations manual that includes images and diagrams of parts and how they work.

has a large collection of images of most of the fleetboats

has a fair amount of pictures and info on the museum boats, make sure to check out the forum

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Posted by Tracy White on Friday, July 29, 2011 5:04 PM

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