What is the status of Nichimo Co., Ltd?

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What is the status of Nichimo Co., Ltd?

  • Did Nichimo go belly-up (at least at one point in time)? What is their current status as a model manufacturer? Under new ownership?

    I ask because I'm sort of a neophyte fan of Nichimo models but am currently experiencing a dearth of availability of anything besides the exalted (and improved) 1/200 Yamato. I am an admirer of their 1/200 "Identical Scale Series", namely the WWII destroyers and the later JMSDF DDK and DDG's but it seems that all that is available are old stock or "used' kits on ebay. I had read that Nichimo was in fierce competition with Tamiya in the 1980's, especially in regard to their RC car lineup and that Nichimo had not fared well.

    I've seen several versions of their company name; Nichimoco and Nichimaco, the latter of which may be their current moniker. They have no web presence aside from what looks like a news page which may or may not be official: http://www.alpha-net.ne.jp/users2/nichimo/

    Here is a list of 1/200 scale ships that I've been able to compile:




    Type IX-B

    Type IX-C




    Takatsuki (JMSDF)

    Minegumo (JMSDF)

    Natsugumo (JMSDF)

    Kikuzuki (JMSDF)

    Asagumo (JMSDF)

    Amatsukaze (JMSDF)

    There may be more kits; maybe someone can add to the list? Further research shows that there appear to be newer releases of the WWII IJN destroyers (perhaps current) that feature genuine brass display stand supports and possibly the elimination of the motorization feature.

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this venerable old manufacturer...

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  • I really wish that I could answer your question, but, I don't know.  I remember that Nichimo also produced a credible though dated 1/500 series of Imperial Japanese Navy warships, but I haven't heard of anything in quite awhile.  Sorry!


  • Nichimo is alive and well and makes everything from agro chemicals to...Gundam.

    But they haven't made ship models in a while.

    WEM doesn't carry them, which is a pretty good indication that they are not currently in production.

  • Thanks for your replies, fellas. It would appear that at least the Yamato is in current circulation because there's an improved version like I mentioned before with more operating features, etc. Don't know when they were produced if in fact it was a short production run and the kits are just waiting to be bought up from the marketplace.

    Interesting news about Nichimo's diversified endeavors. Reminds me of Samsung, maker of TV's, appliances, cell phones and... automobiles.