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Trumpeter 1/350 destroyers

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Trumpeter 1/350 destroyers
Posted by retdfeuerwehr on Saturday, August 26, 2017 8:02 PM

Which of the several available 1/350 scale Trumpeter German WW2 destroyers would you recommend?

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Posted by Marcus McBean on Sunday, August 27, 2017 12:25 AM

I would go with the Dragon German WWII destroyers.

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Posted by Nino on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 12:46 PM


Which of the several available 1/350 scale Trumpeter German WW2 destroyers would you recommend?


     If you really want a Trumpeter kit then try their  Z-43 . It is the only 1936b class kit available!
     IMO The Trumpeter kits are not as detailed or accurate  as the Dragon 1/350 kits of similar class but cost a bit less. For example, IIRC,  prop shaft exit from hull on the Trumpeter kits is not staggered as it should be. Also,  I believe all the Dragon kits come with a few 1/350 scale figures . Marcus is right, Class for class,  I would go with Dragon/DML. The  Dragon kits are highly recommended.

However, In case you have not already checked...

The DKM had several classes of DD's ( Zerstorers). 1934a, 1936, 1936a, 1936a MOB, 1936b. The 1/350 Zerstorers by Trumpeter and Dragon cover a good bit of the classes:

Trumpeter offers:

 Z-25 (1936a w/5.9"twin mount forward
 Z-30 (1936a  4-5.9" single mounts)
 Z-43 (1936b  5-5" single mounts) 

Dragon offers:
 Z-26 (1936a 4-5.9" single mounts)
 Z-31 (1936a MOB 4-5.9" single mounts
 Z-32 (1936a MOB 1-5.9"twin mount, 3 singles aft)
 Z-38 (1936a MOB 1-5.9" twin mount, 3 singles aft)
 Z-39 (1936a MOB) 1-5.9" twin and 2 single mounts).

Zvezda Z-17 Dieter von Roeder Type 1936
IronShipwright made a 1/350 Type 1934A and Type 1936A

If you want a 1936 class Zvezda is the only option.
If you want a 1934a class then look for an IronShipWright kit .
(Trumpeter does make a Z-7 1934a kit in 1/700.)

Take a look at the link below for a list of kits and Postings of builds/reviews to get a better idea of the kits.


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