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Using Go-Bys !

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Using Go-Bys !
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Monday, October 02, 2017 12:07 PM

Hi Fellow forum members !

 I was thinking about my posts and figured out something . When I build something other than Scratch - Built H.O. and N Scale oil and brew tankers and the few LNG types . Most models don't have a product on the market for  " Go - Bys ". A " Go - By " is a model or figurine or statue that you examine and then carve a duplicate by hand in wood .

    It can work well in plastic too . Say for instance , you have a model of the old Revell Calypso ! This is based on , Remember , An old Wooden Navy Minesweeper . The reason . Well suppose you want a planked hull and you don't want to do one of the steps I am going to outline in " Going Yachty ".

   The Calypso is planked . Very nice molded patterns . Now this is something I tried on tha Lindberg Admirable " Class Minesweeper . Some were wood . Same Basic shape as the Calypso . You can look at it measure it and copy it .That is what a "Go - By" is for.

 This works for Viking ships , Sail warships , Clippers and many more . This is a method that I use  for Going Yachty .Try it . I think this method is what got me into ships to start with . My Stepfather had a table lighter ( remember those .) shaped like a Gato class sub. That was my " Go - By " for a project that got my Bottom warmed and yet my Stepdad's admiration .

 This goes way back . I just I thought I would remind you modelers of an old technique that still works . T.B.


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