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  • FYI:  The USS UNITED STATES Foundation is preparing to build a full-scale, seaworthy replica of the frigate by the Bi-Centennial of the War of 1812 (2012) and is accepting donations for construction. Historical and construction data has been collected and preparation for funding is under way.

       I have made a copy of your forum questions and comments, and I am prepared to answer you in any way I can. If I don't know the answer to your question(s) I will be more than happy to help. Please contact me at .

       I hate to see the public struggle with the guess work and am always available to help. To answer all of them in this forum would take too much space. So, please don't be afraid to contact me; Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr.; Founder, Presiden, and CEO of this non-profit, tax exempt organization. the organization became incorporated 2002 and research on this gallant frigate was started 03 September 1978 ( 30 years as of 2008). I am probably the most authorative person you can contact when it comes to the truth about the frigate. And I am your humble servant. The public's education on the importance of this frigate is why I have involved so long and worked so hard.      Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr.  07 July 2008


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  • Thanks for the notice, Edward. Got a website, by chance?
  • I agree, your website address would be very helpful.  I am most interested in this project!

    Bill Morrison

  • Sounds very cool indeed!  Just the sort of thing I like to support!  Give us a website please!!!
  • Thanks a fantastic idea! But is there a website?
  • This just in:

    Thanks, Eric.

       Please find attached some information along with our latest news letter, "FROM the POOP DECK". I've been on the USS Constitution turn-around several times, the last I was dressed as Commodore John Barry, first Flag Officer of the US Navy and, of course, the Frigate USS UNITED STATES, First Ship of the US Navy.

       In November I will be attending the re-enactment of Fort Mifflin, "The Fort That Saved America". It is planned that Fort Mifflin will be the Base of Operations for the full-scale seaworthy replica of the frigate. The fort was used to hold the French pirates for prisoner exchange during the Quasi-War with France. The fort allows easy access to the Delaware Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean.

       If you don't mind, and I am sure you won't, I would like to add you to my contact list, along with Senators, Governors, and soon to be added Congressmen and women.

       The web sit is not all that good but for now it serves it's purpose. You will find it at:

       Let me know what you think.

       For now, stay in touch.

    USS UNITED STATES Foundation

    Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr.

    Founder, President, & CEO

       Project Old Waggon

  • I found an earlier thread in this forum comparing and contrasting Revell's 1/96 scale USS CONSTITUTION and USS UNITED STATES.  The gist of the comparison denigrated Revell's depiction of the raised poop and round house as being unrealistic.  Given the lack of plans for the original ship, I have recently begun looking for artwork depicting the UNITED STATES'  stern.

    I have found one drawing so far showing the stern in the battle between the UNITED STATES and HMS MACEDONIAN.  That picture can be found in Reynolds, F. J. (1916). The United States Navy from the Revolution to date. New York, NY: P.F. Collier & Son.

    As a researcher, I fully understand that artwork can be a questionable primary source, depending on the particular qualifications and position of the artist. But, it can give insight into Revell's design process and might actually lend some justification to their design.

    Does anyone know of any other artwork that can help with my research?


    Bill Morrison

  •  searat12 wrote:



    none of these web sites work for me.....

    *edit* link fixed.

    "The race for quality has no finish line, so technically it's more like a death march."
  •  warshipguy wrote:

    Does anyone know of any other artwork that can help with my research?


    I agree, pictures of the stern are scarce, but have a look at . It's unfortunately the only one that I have found on the wide wide web... I have other pictures in a book, but that's another story. PM me if you need more info!

    Best regards,


  • Imperator-Rex,

    Thank you for your response.  Unfortunately, that is the same picture that I already have.  From the little that can be discerned, it is vaguely reminescent of the Revell 1/96 kit.  It is little to go on but it may be the only choice.

    Thanks again!

    Bill Morrison