1/32 scale lunar module

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1/32 scale lunar module

  • I have 4 of Vista Replicas lunar modules. I keep sending Accurate Models a request for when their 1/32 scale lunar module will be released,but I keep getting the run around. I feel this has gone on long enough. There are plenty of other manufactures who can do this a lot quicker. What do you think?

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  • Accurate Models has been fooling around with this for 2-3 years now.   I just don't see it coming.  

    Don't know if someone will do something similar.    Not  a lot of vintage space mission models coming out.



  • Hi Troy,

       I've been trying to buy one of the Vista Models kits for a long time.  If you would be willing to sell one, please email me @ Propuldude@Aol.com  I'm willing to pay a good price for the kit...Thanks, Dave



  • Troy, I'm also searching for the Vista Replica. Are you willing to sell?

    Please reply me to loureiro_70@hotmail.com


  • I've heard that the legs are a bit weak on that kit due to the weight of the resin. So if he wants it displayed on a lunar surface base, I highly recommend replacing them with sturdier materials.

    That said, I would also be interested if you need to eliminate clutter : )

  • Does anyone have a Franklin Mint 1/48 Lunar Module for sale? Please contact me at tltas@aol.com. I am willing to trade a Vista Replicas 1/32 scale LM for one if anyone is interested.


  • Howdy Troy, I don't have a 1/48 FM sorry but I would let some of my money loose if ya want to part with one of your 1/32 kits. Magoo