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Save the Parts !

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    June, 2014
  • From: New Braunfels , Texas
Save the Parts !
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Wednesday, October 03, 2018 8:21 AM

Hmph !

   I am working on the  Russian release of the " Shell Welder ".  Poor model . It seems like it's been everyone's stepchild , shipwise , except the companies that could do it right !

  Well , I am going whole hog on this one . This mold is showing it's age in spades . No ejector pin marks . The pins are still there ! The unit obviously was to hot so when it separated the pins didn't touch it .Just made little nubs everywhare !

 This thing almost wound up on the Ship-Breaker's beach ! I figured , I can't drive for a while and I still am on the mend , so why not ? There's something to be said for really having to take your time .

   Now I bought this kit used . The painted P.E. was gone , But all the brass was there . Point 1 in it's favor . I didn't even know they had a P.E. set for this !

 Settled down to work and got as far as the deckhouse and such . They assemble like Revell's  - Top To bottom .  You know the seam along the porthole row .  Got that fixed and noticed that from age or wear the molded upper and lower parts tapered viciously toward the center !

  Filled the trench and worked the bottom and ceiling areas with files and sandpaper til I got the Bulkheads vertical .( took a half tube of filler putty too !). Got to looking at the kit supplied ladders while waiting for putty to dry .Aweful ! Thin versions of Mayan temple stairs .

     The connection to the sprue was so thick I thought I was going to break the test set Plus the sprue connection between the bottom feet was as bad . Now I got to looking .If anyone here has built this model , You know she comes with a set of rails in a vinyl like material . Don't throw those away .You can use them elswhere !

   Back to those stairs . It took the better part of an hour . Except for handrails , they look as goo as any , even resin parts ! You have to be patient , sharpeyed and careful .Use a brand new X-Acto or Excel blade and don't cut yourself . Good Luck . Tanker Builder all the parts you don't use you can eventually save them too and use them elsewhere .

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    November, 2009
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Posted by Don Stauffer on Wednesday, October 03, 2018 9:38 AM

TB, I built that kit 10 or 15 years ago. I was looking at it recently, and decided I didn't do enough weathering, so I've planned to rework it- better base, add some new detail, and weather it a great deal more.

Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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    June, 2014
  • From: New Braunfels , Texas
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Wednesday, October 03, 2018 1:50 PM

Yeah Don ;

   She is an old jewel though .This time I have removed ALL the raised piping detail on the deck .It will be replaced with H.O. and N. scale Refinery piping from the Walther/Cornerstone line . I could use the original ladders on which I will publish pictures soon .

   I intend to use the P.E. . The nice thing about this kit is she can always look good in any kind of weathering situation . She's a good example of the coastal steamers around England and so on . The ones used here in the States are river going craft of a larger size .Themselves looking like they could go to sea offshore , but not much further !  T.B.

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    November, 2008
  • From: Central Florida
Posted by plasticjunkie on Friday, October 05, 2018 8:47 AM

I save the leftover parts after a completed build and go into my spares box to be used for scratch building, adding details and a good dose of gizmology.




Too many models to build, not enough time in a lifetime!!

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    September, 2012
Posted by GMorrison on Friday, October 05, 2018 10:48 AM

When I upgraded the T2 I made the mistake of removing all of the piping on deck. It would have been much easier to just replace the deck!

Speaking of spares, I have everything from the Revell Firefighter except the hull halves, the props and rudders. Lots of plated fire pump and monitor parts.

I hope we can SEE this model some day.


Get well soon, Snipe!

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    June, 2014
  • From: New Braunfels , Texas
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Monday, October 08, 2018 12:11 PM

This Snipe will get well , you can bet ! ! 

 Now as to the Shell Welder . Like the " Q " ship I have decided to make a W.I.P of it Having slowed down and backed off from Museum Duties I can pull it off .Gotta get my camera out of Purgatory first ! .

 I have always wondered about " Deck Apes " They get wet while " Snipes " stay warm and cozy . What's with that ? " LOL LOL. 


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