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First time moddeler problems and questions

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    August, 2017
First time moddeler problems and questions
Posted by karoliens on Saturday, August 05, 2017 1:32 AM

Hi guys,

I am very happy to join this community and I am looking forward to improve myself following your advises.

 To begin with I would like to say that I have just started this hobby and I am building my first model. I bought air compressor and dual airbrush for painting but I encountered some problems when airbrushing thus I hope you could give me a some suggestions as at the mokent I am very dicouraged since my first paint job did not turn well.

I am building a car model in 1:24 scale which body needs to be painted in white. I primed it with revell white primer (I suppose it would have been better primer to be grey since out of the box model is white). So first of all it was difficult to see how primer covers since no significant difference in colour. After priming it has this strange rough texture (orange peel?). Since on primer's can it was written to wait 10 minutes and apply the paint I done that and was shocked how badly it looked when I applied first coat of paint. It was supposed to be white glossy finish but it turned out to be flat and with same texture as primer.

Could you please give me an advise how could I correct it and what in general I am doing wrong as I am out of ideas.

I cleaned the model before priming in warm soapy water; I shook the can with primer before applying; I used 15-20psi of pressure with 1:1 rartio of revell paint and thinner; I sandded with 600 before primer although I did not sand after applying primer.


I am feeling quite frustrated as I ruined the model. Could I just sand the surface with 600 until it is smooth and reapply the paint again? But to be frank I really afraid to do this and get the same results.

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    September, 2013
Posted by blackdog62 on Monday, August 07, 2017 4:03 PM

Hi there karoliens when useing a airbush the directions should gey you close. But not always right. You did not mention wich primer it is oil base or arcrylic?

But that rough Finnish is normally caused by letting your pants land on the surfaces to dry.

When this happens it's not a wet enough coat to flow out. 

Fixing this is possible by holding it closer to the model to get that wet look.

But other factors can benefit also such as air pressure the mix of the paint to thinner ratios and depending on all those how fast you move the airbrush across the surface. And keep a eye on where your over spray is going so it's not landing elsewhere on your model. If it looks dry while your spraying that's how it's going to look when dry. If it looks wet and shinny when spraying that's probably how it will  look when dry. I'm not trying to confuse you but to wet = paint runs.

There has probably been more volumes printed about this than any other topic of modeling.

It gets down to how you do it to make it work. Find somthing to practice on is your best bet. It's  trial and error and practice is you best bet.

It's not that hard you will get past this in no time. I hope this helps you with your projects. Welcome to modeling and have fun with it.

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    September, 2012
Posted by GMorrison on Monday, August 07, 2017 4:09 PM

Paint will never improve the look of what it is applied to. You are perceptive about the primer color, it is really hard if you cannot watch your coverage develop one layer over the other.

Painting gloss white is a little hard to do. I get best results with gloss white from a spray can for that one circumstance.

But painting a car body and getting a gloss finish really depends on polishing the plastic, then polishing the primer, then polishing the undercoat and finally going with a glossy paint finish.


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