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mig Paint

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mig Paint
Posted by Sailing_Dutchman on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 5:30 PM

I am building MiniArt's SU-85, but the paint is only given for mig paints. Does anyone know the conversion to Tamiya/Vallejo? The colors are: A.MIG-010, A.MIG-019, A.MIG-020, A.MIG-023, A.MIG-024, A.MIG-032, A.MIG-033, A.MIG0-35, A.MIG-036, A.MIG-043, A.MIG-045, A.MIG-046, A.MIG-047, A.MIG-049, A.MIG-070, A.MIG-077, A.MIG-191, A.MIG-194, A.MIG-197, A.MIG-199, A.MIG-210, A.MIG-911, A.MIG-912


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Posted by BlackSheepTwoOneFour on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 11:29 PM

Is there a FS number assigned to it?

These colors are pretty much self-explanatory since these colors are readily available

A.MIG-032 = Black

A.MIG-033 = Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black

A.MIG0-35 = Humbrol 173 Track Color

A.MIG-045 = Gunmetal

A.MIG-046 = Flat Black

A.MIG-047 = White

A.MIG-049 = Red

A.MIG-043 = Rust

A.MIG-070 = Medium Brown

A.MIG-191 = Steel 

A.MIG-194 = Aluminum

A.MIG-197 = Brass

A.MIG-199 = Copper

Vallejo has a WW2 Russian paint set for WW2 Russian tanks:







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Posted by Pawel on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 1:36 AM


While I understand you are trying your best to be accurate, I don't think you need to be so strict when it comes to colour conversions. When you do some research on the net as to how the original would look like, you'll find a lot better information and then you need to form your own opinion on how to best reproduce russian green 4BO (with weathering it shifts its colour anyway), or what exact metallic shado to use on tracks. An exact paint shade in the instructions just negatively affects your creativity!

Good luck with your build, hope it helps and have a nice day


All comments and critique welcomed. Thanks for your honest opinions!


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