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Is my wash technique correct?

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    July 2019
Is my wash technique correct?
Posted by Kirei on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 10:28 PM

There are a lot of questions here about washes, it seems. But I'd like to verify that my technique is okay, and also ask a question about changing my technique.

1. My current strategy: I paint with testors enamels. Then clear coat with future floor wax. Lastly I thin oil paints with lighter fluid, and apply them as a wash.

How does this sound?  I'm wondering about using the standard mineral spirits and testors enamel as the wash, instead of messing with lighter fluid and thick oil paints. Thoughts?

2. Changing my whole painting style: The enamels are a pain to work with, often times. So I'm hoping to change to Tamiya acrylics and use their clear coat as well. After applying the acrylic Tamiya clear coat, am I safe to then use enamels and thick oil paints (thinned with mineral spirits) as a wash?


Thanks so much folks! I've been doing models for years, but lately I've been combining washes with my dry brushing. I could add pictures of my last project, I suppose! Thanks again!

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    March 2003
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Posted by Tojo72 on Friday, July 19, 2019 4:16 PM
Sounds like it should work,just make sure everything is cured.Diaclaimer:you never know for sure,so test it it on something,but your written process is correct.

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    July 2013
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Posted by modelmaker66 on Friday, July 19, 2019 4:20 PM

Either option in theory is correct. As Tojo reccomends, test on something that is not important. Practice and adapting is the key.

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Posted by hypertex on Saturday, July 20, 2019 5:56 AM

I would strongly suggest you ditch the lighter fluid. Oil paints can be thinned with mineral spirits. I use Mona Lisa brand odorless paint thinner or Weber's turpenoid

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Posted by Tickmagnet on Saturday, July 20, 2019 9:23 AM

Pastels and water make a good wash and don't damage the clear coat at all.



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    August 2019
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Posted by HighDesertmodeler on Thursday, August 15, 2019 11:40 PM
I first use a satin base since I build up weathering layers, from filters, pin Washes, streaking, oils, etc and don’t like to cover my previous weathering steps with any varnish. You may like Mona Lisa Odorless mineral spirits to thin your oils. Works great for me. Also, let your oils sit overnight on a cardboard pallet in order to remove its linseed oil properties. Your oil wash will then dry much quicker.


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