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Looking for Airbrush advice (Iwata or...?)

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Looking for Airbrush advice (Iwata or...?)
Posted by rogue.guineapig on Friday, November 15, 2019 11:39 PM

A question about airbrushes... this will be the 3 millionth such question, and I apologize!

Last year I started airbrushing with my brother-in-laws Paasche 2000VL, which I believe has the .73mm nozzle.
I was using a heavy duty compressor, so I could get enough PSI for siphon feed via the regulator.
I was able to achieve the fade on the Lambo pictured here with this brush.

Lately I've been jonesing for my own brush. I paint hotwheels for Gaslands, and I've messed around with other miniatures, like a 1/72 Spitfire, and some 40K stuff.
So all smallerish stuff.
I felt that the Paasche was a bit kludgy with that large of a needle and the pressure requirements of a siphon feed. It just felt like "too much"...too big of a pattern, too much pressure, could never get close really, and I felt I could never be as sublte as I wanted with it.

I've looked at used Iwata's on eBay as I'm on a budget. I've noticed their .35 (HP-CS) nozzle series are the most popular (and pricey), but their .50 class (HP-CR) and .20 class (HP-B) are cheaper used. I can't help but wonder if the .5 series are a little big, and the .2 is a tad small for what I do? I know nozzles can be swapped but they're also $40 a pop. I'm kind of leaning towards gravity fed in any case.
So I'm not a complete noob to airbrushing, but I'm down there a ways in the beginner zone. Any insights or clarifications come to mind? Will all of them feel pretty awesome compared to the .73 I learned on? Will one size of needle be more friendly/forgiving than another? Is there a good reason to stay with Iwata or look at other brands like Sotar or Badger? Lambo
Thank ya all kindly!


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