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Airbrush Kit Query

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    March 2003
Airbrush Kit Query
Posted by elfkin on Sunday, May 4, 2003 8:03 PM
Like many others, I had left the hobby in the late seventies to do the girls, school, and work thing. Events have conspired to bring me back in the hobby in the last year. I have read a lot (!!!)of questions on airbrushes in this and other forums, I hope there is room for one more. I was at a hobby store here in the Twin Cities, and saw a Testors airbrush kit with a compressor for about $150 US. I have also seen the compressor included in the kit for anywhere from $89 US to $159 US. I guess my query has several parts:
1. Am I looking at the same compressor or different models
2. Is it a good value for someone who builds 1/72 & 1/48 aircraft.
Thanks for you help and understanding!
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    November 2005
Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, May 4, 2003 9:46 PM
Hello to a fellow Twin City-ian. I'll answer your second question with another question: How bad do you want an airbrush? It's only a good value if you decide to use it.
The compressor sets are good to start out with but IMHO it's best to buy the airbrush and compressor separate.

For 1/72 aircraft, Handbrushing can turn out some nice looking models.But with the airbrush you can make soft camo lines that a paint brush won't give you.
As for 1/48, handbrushing really doesn't work. To turn out a nice model you need an airbrush. And the airbrush will make it alot quicker.

As for compressors, The hobby ones are Okay, but only for airbrushing. I found that a Campbell Hausfeld or a Craftsman are better. A medium sized one with a tank is going to be that about same price as a hobby compressor. And you'll have more useage. (Tires, air mattresses, etc) And the hobby ones are just as LOUD as the real ones.

And since sounds like you're from the TC or close. I'll put in a shameless plug for our local model club.
We meet next Saturday if you are interested. 1:30PM at Fleming Field in South St. Paul.
Take it easy,
Bernie the K.
St. Paul, MN
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    April 2003
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Posted by RonUSMC on Monday, May 5, 2003 8:35 AM

they are a must.... period. Once you get into using one.. you will never look back. Active Kits: 1/48 AM Avenger 1/35 Sd.Kfz 251 Ausf C
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    November 2005
Posted by Anonymous on Monday, May 5, 2003 9:10 AM
Hey Bro i found this place on the net and im about to order a KIT from them. I just got back into modeling myself and have gotten some great help from the guys here. I found this place they ahve some nice DUAL Action Internal Mix PASCHE Guns and their own brand Compressors that have a nice warranty on them. Im gettign the kit with taht pasche gun and i think the kit costs about 135.00 and comes with a regulator. The compressor pumps out 30psi which from my reading will do jsut fine for what modeling. Hope this helps ims till new but thought i might be able to help you out with some options.
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    March 2003
Posted by elfkin on Saturday, May 10, 2003 10:26 AM
Thanks to all you guys for your help and suggestions...I apologize for not getting back sooner, but there have been some long work days this past week. Bernie, thanks for the info on your group. I'll try to make it!

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