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airbrushing ME109

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    May 2003
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airbrushing ME109
Posted by nsclcctl on Friday, May 23, 2003 10:45 AM
I really have a dilemma. I am working on a 1:48 ME109. I have the light blue airbrushed on and just finished the white tail. Took the masking off last night and it looks cool. What really looks good is I put a prime of silver on and in places, you can see slight silver flecks. Looks good, they will probably be covered by the next two darker coats on the fuselage, however.

My question is, there is a camo pattern that I can recreate with mask, I have read the posts about putting something under the mask on the leading edges to soften the edge. My question is, with the basic badger airbrush, I guess it is a single action, will I be at an advantage spraying or should I just use a brush? I have limited airbrush experience at this point and do not see the advantage. Do I adjust the flow to a finer stream or how do I insure an advantage.

The splotches of camo on the side, I see can be done by bursts from the airbrush but I do not see how to make them irregular as they appear. I will have to try this on something first, before I do the real thing. In a past post, someone recommended buying something to help with the mottle effect, I simply don't know what these are. I assume they are a template of some sort.

I guess I just am trying to ease into this airbrush thing. When doing an entire surface, it certainly does look good and gives one versatility in terms of buying a bottle of paint and being able to either spray of brush. I marvel at how people do fine things with it however.

On a final note, I have observed a number of people being very sensitive about swastikas. I understand the historical implication completly, this kit did not come with them. In looking at pictures from the era, of course they were on the tail. I suppose I could try to mask one and spray it on.

I have rambled, just nervous about this airbrush for painting camo. I have actually stayed away from german aircraft because I did not want to face this. Now I must face my fear head on and move forward.
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Posted by renarts on Friday, May 23, 2003 11:10 AM
I know how you feel. But slow and steady wins the race.... Practice on some card stock first. When you feel comfortable than move to the model. If it helps, cut shapes from the card stock and practice on those. It will give you a definate shape to work on rather than a 8 1/2 x 11 "field". I masked mine. Most of the examples I've see of the Me's look as though they were defined edges. But I also don't have the definitive resource like some of these other guys. I've also seen a variety of suggestions for masking materials. Puddy, paper, tape, etc. With all airbrushing, no matter how good the airbrush, you will not get a crisp line between colors. The spray, even detail lines, comes out in a cone shape. This will give you a soft edge at best. Because we are not machines, though you can come close, you cannot draw a perfectly straight line, so there will be a variation. You will also not be able to go back over the same line without some variation. Use a shield or mask it off if the pattern requires a geometric shape. To get a softer edge using shield, hold it above the surface. The farther above the surface you hold it the softer the edge.

I would use the search function here in the forum to look up all the airbrush threads and read them. Also use camo patterns, Me109, Bf109, camoflage, etc. I think you get my drift. Pretty good tool and I've found lots of info just by using it. A thanks to those who have come before....

Good luck
Look forward to seeing the finished product.
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