Testors to Tamiya paint conversion table

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Testors to Tamiya paint conversion table

  • Hi all,

    As per the subject title, has anyone got or found such a table...

    Would they mind posting a link to it please.....

    As I live in the UK, finding Testors paints over here is like finding "Rocking Horse Droppings"

    So I need to convert the following.......

    FS:30219 Dark Tan

    FS:34079 Dark Green

    FS:34102 Medium Green..............From Testors to Tamiya.....

    I look forward to your replys


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  • I paid a visit to IPMS Stockholm's website.  They have the best color chart available.  I've been trying to match some Humbol colors to Testors and it's the most complete.  

    FS:30219 Dark Tan is XF52

    FS:34079 Dark Green is XF27

    FS:34102 Medium Green- not finding a direct equivalent in Tamiya. It's a match for Humbol *117* if that helps.

    (Paul is right. 116 was the dark green.  I read my notes wrong.)

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  • Here's another good data base for paint conversions: http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/portland/971/reference/humbrol.htm

    FS34102 I believe is Humbrol 117. The IPMS site is pretty amazing!


  • OK, but if we don't care about Humbrol, is there a Tamiya to Testors conversion table somewhere?  Something that is not Humbrol based, where XF4 & 58 aren't even shown (among others).

  • Two of the better paint conversion tools out there are;

    http://www.paint4models.com/ (which has both Testors & Tamiya)


    http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/colorcharts_2.asp (which doesn't have Testors, but is still pretty useful)