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HGW Wet Transfers

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HGW Wet Transfers
Posted by Aggieman on Monday, December 21, 2020 1:11 PM

Has anyone used these successfully?

I'm doing two 32nd scale Corsairs, Revell's old F4U-1A and Tamiya's F4U-1 Birdcage.  The decals for the older kit disintegrated upon the mere sight of water; the Tamiya decals, specifically the US insignia roundels, managed to shred when I inadvertently touched them after applying them to the kit.  Argh.  So I bought two sets of the HGW wet transfers (the one for the Birdcage is currently listed as "out for delivery" so I should receive it today).

The other I have already put on the old Revell kit.  I followed the application instructions. You cut out the decal, soak in warm water for approx. 20 seconds, then put some Mr. Mark Softener on the area where the decal will go.  After you blot out any oozing softener, you are to leave it to set for 6-8 hours.  After that, there is carrier film that is very visible that you are supposed to be able to just lift away.  Yeah, about that ...

On my Corsair, the carrier film is quite adhered to the surface.  I cannot get the tip of a knife under it, and doing much more than that results in damage to both the decal and the underlying surface coating.

I used Color of Eagles and Vallejo paints, and there is a coat of Tamiya clear X-22 covering that.  All the paint was put down over a coat of Stynylrez primer.  I wonder if I used too much of the Softener, or is that 6-8 hours a hard rule, in that you should not go beyond 8 hrs?

The Revell was looking pretty good, but at this point, I'm considering a full repaint job if I can adequately get these transfers off.  I am currently thinking I will buy a set of decals for the Tamiya, as the kit is a far more expensive one that I am not willing to send to the trash box if I was to totally ruin it.

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Posted by wpwar11 on Wednesday, December 23, 2020 6:17 AM

I used their wet transfer stencils last year on a Spitfire.  I remember it being a little annoying but I got a good result.  I placed the transfer in water (it wasn't warm) for 15 seconds or so, placed micro sol on the area, removed the backing paper and placed on the model.  If I had to move it I used a wet q tip.  Once it was straight I lightly burnished it with a dry tip.  I waited 6 hours.  The carrier film did come off but some were a challange.  I used a toothpick so not to damage paint and then used tweezer once I got a corner up.  Heres the annoying part.  It still leaves a rectangular haze where the film was.  My directions said to use a wet q tip to scrub that off.  I worked it like crazy and most of them didn't remove that glue agent.  I remember being really bummed about it but when a sprayed flat clear over them the haze disappeared and I was left with nice stencils.

Not sure if any of that helps you.  Maybe try rubbing it with water to get the film up?  I used Mr surfacer primer then Tamiya acrylics but don't recall putting anything over that.  I think I just put the stencils over the paint.  


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