How to clean metal files??

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How to clean metal files??

  • Recently I have used files for first time to clean white metal parts that come with the Hasewaga Su 27 Flanker. You probably have noticed that the metal build up on the file turning into a dull surface, I don't believe that the files are for just one use I was wondering how do you clean it after use??

    Thanks for the advise.

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  • I use a small wire brush that I purchased at Home Depot.

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  • A small brass wire brush works the best for me.

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  • There is a tool called a file card that is specifically made to clean files. As mentioned, a wire brush works also. You might try putting a wire wheel in your Dremel and spin it out that way.
  • Saul,
    White metal, zinc, pewter, all of these metals are very soft and tend to clog files, especially needles files or rifflers. You can try using a wire brush but if the metal is really stuck to the teeth you might have to get a sharp probe and just pick it out. It's not as hard as it sounds. When you get them clean here's a trick that I was taught as an apprentice patternmaker. Get some ordinary chalk, like the kind that is used on a blackboard, and lightly rub it onto the file before you start filing. The file will still cut but the chalk will prevent the chips from sticking to the teeth. I hope this helps.
  • Cool tips, thanks everyone.

  • Micro-Mark Tools sells a pair of brushes that look exactly like toothbrushes, but have metal bristles. Great for cleaning files and drill bits. I think I paid about six dollars for them (about ten years ago).
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  • Thanks paulnchamp, I'll check that.

  • I wouldn't recommend using a Dremel tool. This can dull the file.
    A bronze brush is best.
    The chalk idea really works. You can also use soapstone, available at most farm supply stores and ALL welding supply stores.
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  • how about a wire brush at low RPMs ? is that OK? by low RPMs i mean its so slow that i can put my finger on the edge of the cut-off wheel and follow the weel around.
  • Use a soft brass brush availble at Home Depot in the Plumbing dept DO NOT use a steel brush it will ruin you files.
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by mccaber

    DO NOT use a steel brush it will ruin you files.

    What do you think a file card is made of? Confused [%-)]


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  • I use a 1/2" plumbers fitting brush and seems to work well.Can be found in most hardware or home centres.
  • The old metalworker's trick for cleaning files is to dip them in sulphuric acid. For a variety of reasons, though, I'd hesitate to do this with modeling-sized files.

    I hate to admit it, but I'm afraid my usual solution when a file gets too dull to work right is to buy a new one. But I usually manage to either loose them or break them long before they reach that point.

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  • Brass brushes at Micromark:
    The mail order catalog is nice to have too.