Switch to Google Chrome to make photobucket work

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Switch to Google Chrome to make photobucket work

  • I just did and photobucket is fine.  Change your browser,  I waited a long time and they are never gonna make ie work for it...well certain versions....



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  • Hm.  I am not about to change my browser just to suit a certain site.  They can either fix it or I'll take my business elsewhere.

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  • Big Smile  Yes


  • Use www.imgur.com I've been using it for quite sometime as a phot hosting site, and it is MUCH easier (to me at least) to use than any of the other phot hosting sites. No need to change web browsers to suit a site...that is just ridiculous to me.

  • Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

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  • Angryecho: if you use imgur you must be a redditor as well?

  • It still works fine for me with Mozilla Firefox. The new format did take a little getting used to though.

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  • I use Internet Explorer 9.  Last time I checked, it was working fine on Photobucket.  A week before, I couldn't do or see anything there.  I think they are tweaking their beta version and hopefully will get it stablized soon.

    Computer, did we bring batteries?.....Computer?

  • I use chrome for 90% of the time anyway as its quicker than my IExplorer.

  • Photobucket seems to work for me also, and we have IE 9.  It was a problem a couple weeks ago, but cleared up by itself.

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  • I'm having more and more crashes with IE when it hits a site with graphics it doesn't like.

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