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the doog

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  • From Charlotte, North Carolina
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About the doog

I am a frequent author published in Finescale Modeler, most recently in the November 2015 issue, as well as other issues and special editions. I have been honored with Finsecale's cover in four different issue; Nov 2008, Jan 2010, and July 2012--the latest being the Jagdpanzer IV-A-O in the recent March 2016. I have also been published in Scale Military Modeler International.

I jump around the modeling genres a lot, but tend to stick closer to Armor with a secondary preference for Auto's. A gallery of my best work can be found in my Fotki site, located HERE

I have numerous well-documented tutorials and weathering demo's on the old Finescale site; Feel free to ask me for links to them.

I recently got married to a gorgeous, long-legged brunette who is smarter than all of us here put together; she is my inspiration and one true love. Heart We also share our Charlotte home with our precious minature longhaired Dachshund, Gerhardt von Logan.

Feel free to contact me any time for advice. Confused And if you are a "fan" of my other occupation, PLEASE DO NOT attempt to use this site to contact me for information about that aspect of my life; I will not respond to any requests for friends from non-modelers.

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Birthday: 1965-04-28 00:00:00
Hobbies: modeling, hare scrambles dirt bike racing, Atheism
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Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
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