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A Thought about Things and Folks;

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A Thought about Things and Folks;
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, August 28, 2021 9:03 AM

 Things, not so much, but Folks, Oh yeah!

 Having been one of the DIS-Abled ( Gosh I hate that description of myself) Still am though,by law!

 Severe Cardiac ya know! Now how about the Toshi's and others of this world? No Complaints just building models and giving us one smile after the other! These are folks we should remember in more than one way. We should remember their strengths and drive to remain positive and enjoy life to the fullest. You know we don't get a second chance once this life is done!

 So think about All the folks and friends we have had go to that other Hobby Shop in the Ether. Thay have no pain. And like many, even when they did they tried NOT to let it ruin our time together!!I will always be amazed by the strength of some of these folks!

     Never mind Fictional Heros! We don't need them. We are surrounded by them. Oh Sure,they don't pound the bad guys or save the world Right? Ah! But, there you are mistaken. They strive to fit back in or just fit to begin with, Why? Courage, Stubborness and just Sheer Determination, Sometimes their whole Life!

     They are Heroes! Yes, Some served in their country's Military and wound up that way.DIS-Abled, why't treat them any different than befor the incident if it's new.Do welcome them into our midst as modelers and Remember if it's not Birth related it could be anyone of us after an Accident or Health issue.  Challenged yes. DIS-abled? Hell no! How can we help? Don' t treat them any different than we would want to be treated.  They still, in regular cases have the mental abilities as before.Just on hold body-wise. Greet them with a full heart and open mind they might surprise you! 


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