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Have You Noticed?? Revival of "Caveat Emptor"-Big Time??

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Have You Noticed?? Revival of "Caveat Emptor"-Big Time??
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 10:39 AM

Hi Ya'll;

      Just got back from Home Depot. Well, Gotta tell Ya, it sure ain't like the old days!!I went in looking for a Hand Sanding Block! Ya know, the little rubber one that is curved on top and about 2"x 4" in surface size? Well, they didn't have any and the fellow in Paints and finishes said "I've never heard of one of those"!"All we have is what's in the aisle."! Can you believe that? 

     I did find one I could use. It's got a nice handle on top and two end locking bars, one on each end. Checked the package and bought two grits of the paper I needed. Remember this paper was recommended for this sanding tool ! Got it home and went to install the paper. Out of the package it's two inches two short, And it was the Number recommended for this tool!

     So, Get out the Block of disc stickum, slap it on, and stick the paper to it and sand away. I just don't like buying something, buy the recommended product to use with it and come up short! Thank goodness I never changed out the disc sander. It required the stickum from day one and I bought it at Home Depot too!

      So I guess the old Roman proverb is true and alive in this day and age" Caveat Emptor:!!! Gotta go sand now and work out some frustration, Nah! I'll just stay and bug youse folks!  

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Posted by Real G on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 12:32 PM

Well, I went looking for concrete splash blocks for my gutters, but the younger staff didn't even know what I was talking about.  I finally foud ONE older fellow who told me they only had the fiberglass ones that look like a shingle made from a quonset hut.

The hardware stores used to have good stuff/cheap stuff, but it seems only the cheap stuff is left.  Or nothing at all.  The past two years has been confounding - the local hardware store was out of garden hoses for months.

“Ya ya ya, unicorn papoi!”


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