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Every Once in a while

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Every Once in a while
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Monday, August 15, 2022 8:19 AM

Hi Ya'll;

        I am sure you have noticed that sometimes I get wacky Language wise. It's a fun thing and I apologise to those of you that didn't get it. I once, in my spare time, was a Tutor. What in? Reading, Spelling and  Cursive Writing. I had to teach those who got ahead by leaning on secretaries and assistants. So they didn't feel it was necessary to worry. Till they got in a situation where they had to make themselves understood, Clearly, to their Peers!

       As Riley used to say."What a revolting Developement that was!" So they sought out teachers that would teach them on the sly. Confidentially, you know? Well, they would be given my Phone number and the rest was easy. They would go to school on Saturday, On a Lake ,On a Bass Boat! Ya see they told everyone they were going fishing with a friend. Remember, No Cell phones then, not even the flip type!

         Toyal anonymity from the world they were involved in! Pay was excellent, and I graduated at least nine students, who otherwise would've come across as idjits if they Wrote anything down, tried to Read Legal Briefs or Wrote prescriptions! Now you see the reason for the fishing trips. I cannot tell a good joke, even if I am reading it off the page.So I make funny with the language and the Spelling Based on my upbringing.Thatwhich was influenced by Native Sicilian and German language speakers! Plus a short stint with Gaelic(Irish)" Cuss Words only! So I play with the langusge as I heard it, experienced it and Use it! I still curse in those three languages and folks will ask, What did you Say? No Harm-No Foul! Sometimes we actually caught fish too!


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