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Hey,here's one!

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Hey,here's one!
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 11:50 AM

I wonder.

        If you take a Big Tree as a sapling, and put it in your yard, water it, feed it and it grows up, it's still a tree, Right? I don't understand what's going on with this stuff. A Rose by any other name will still smell as sweet? A model for instance(human) they are called Mannikins in the trade). A model in a hobby is called either a Miniature or a Toy. What's with this dual or triple naming stuff.

       What's in a name? When you go to do a number in a wee room off to the side, why's it called a rest room? do you actually rest there? Why multiples of the same(Because men won't pick up the seat when they are aiming to be relieved)Room?

        I dunno, maybe it's me. If the Pigeons had a say all statues would remain, after all all they do is P*&P on them, so who cares? A Statue of Rob't E.Lee? nobody scrubs it daily. Martin L. King's Statue was a mess after a month. Folks from other countries don't even know who the Statue represents till they get up close. Leave it there.!

        We are forgetting about history so why teach it at all?Who cares who Burned Rome and fiddled when it happened? It doesn't change my life any. Leave this stuff alone and Go build a Model. Oh, wait a minute! My model of the Musashi might offend someone. So I won't be able to buy another! B.S.!!!!!! The markings on my Model plane might offend someone so I can't show it to the world when it's done. Sour Apples!


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