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Underwater Diorama & Concerns About Heat From Resin

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Underwater Diorama & Concerns About Heat From Resin
Posted by fuzznoggin on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 1:36 PM

I have plans to do an underwater diorama with a sub.  I've watched many You Tube videos where resin is just poured right into the mold.  My concern is "melting" the model due to exothermic heat generation.   I've read where layers should be added instead of all at once but I'm not comfortable with that; fearing that there will be visible levels of resin from side views.  Unfortunately, there isn't very much information given in the videos I've seen that tell you what type or brand resin was being used.

Are there any resins that are specially formulated for low heat?  Has anyone else used a significant amount 2 part epoxy without damaging their underwater model?

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Posted by GMorrison on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 2:24 PM

I would strongly suggest other ways. I haven't seen the you tube, but this is impossible to get right.


It will cost a lot. Say that the sub is 1/700 and its 100 feet down. Thats a brick measuring 200/700 feet if you add 100 feet under the keel. Or 3.42 inches deep.

If the sub is a Gato, the real boat is 311 feet long, add 100 feet each fore and aft makes 511 feet. 511/700 is 0.73 feet, or 8.76 inches.

match the beam on each side is 27 feet times 3, or 81 feet. 81/700 equals 0.12 feet, or 1.39 inches.

8.76 (l) x 1.39 (w) x 3.42 (h) equals 42.12 cubic inches.

On the Woodlands Scenic website their calculator calls that 28 oz.

Their product costs $ 32.99 for 12 oz, so three bottles cost $ 98.97.

One bubble will ruin your day, Pouring in layers seems to be preferred to avoid bubbles.

Visibility gets iffy.

If I were to try something like this, I've seen good results with a clear acrylic box with a "seascape" lid and the sub on a fine wire.


Just my 2 bits.



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