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A New Class?

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A New Class?
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 7:25 AM

I was Wondering:

      Not knowing ALL the classes or conditions for the classes in I.P.M.S. ,I may be speaking to the wind here. I think a class should exist that covers the subject of Mixed media Models. Now if Scratch building is covering it okay. But, I was told at my latest foray to an I.P.M.S. show that they didn't qualify for that or Just Paper-Models status. Why? Because so much was modified or not OOE.(For Paper that's Out Of The Envelope!).

       If there is a class why didn't they tell me? I think the paper should be looked at the same as other models. It is just a different material and just OOE takes more work than Plastic or Resin anyway! Then to use P.E., Plastic and Resin components is no different than doing it to Plastic or Resin! Oh, I am sure there would be those "Paper Purists" that wouldn't like the idea. Why Not, everyone else has their detractors, Right? If anyone knows for sure, then let me know. I have many that I might enter into competition then. I do paint them as well. Just only with Clear Flat, Semi-Gloss or Gloss, nothing else! 

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Posted by EdGrune on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 10:10 AM

Mixed media is incorporated into the standard categories.

A paper model which is single media (paper) would qualify for Single Media/Basic Kit Build category.  Two months ago at Omaha there was a paper model entered in SMO, but the entrant added wood and metal (and cited the materials with the entry sheet) forcing it to one of the standard categories.   Single Media Only!

If you want a separate paper category at the national level there need to be 8 to 10 entries by 8 to 10 separate modelers over 3+ years.   Why separate modelers? The national rules prohibit sweeps - you win one award per category.  If you enter multiple kits, yours are judged first to determine your best - then that one goes up against the other entries.  Once I had to evaluate 15 battleships by the same guy, then had his best go against another 9 entries in a category of 24, and if I remember he didn't place. 

The contest committee tracks entries for changes in trends that support new categories.   We generally look back 3 to 5 years for trends.  We have often been asked to add a wooden ship category.  There are so few entered that the numbers do not support a separate category from the existing sailing ship (all material) category.   The most that I can remember is three all by the same guy, then he was bummed that the rules prohibit sweeps - that and he was beat by better entries.    You still need to meet the overall organization's judging criteria.   Bigger does not always mean better.  Adding things does not always mean better - there is more to screw up.  The competition committee once added a commercial category in response to requests and what had shown up on the table.   Entries dwindled so that the last year there were but two, by the same guy. The category was eliminated due to lack of support,  The support needs to be on going.

Local contests are not bound by national categories and may not adhere closely to national rules.   Get traction there.

IPMS-USA/NCC Head Ship Judge


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