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Old products-New Ways

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Old products-New Ways
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, September 17, 2022 5:08 PM


       Yeah it smee agin! Hey Guys and Ladies. Have you sometimes racked your brain trying to find the best Paint, Glues and other stuff and wished you had some of the old stuff that you know would work, But ya never see it around? Sometimes you just have to STOP! Slow down and check out the older looking Family owned type hardware and variety stores and yes, even Dollar Tree once in a while.

       There's a store here in New Braunfels, I don't go into much because it's too mixed up. But I found a Fresh large Tube of "Plastic Aluminum" ! How long has it been since you've seen and heard of it? Also found at a small country Gas station Two Whole pumps! A product I used to sell at my Business years ago. "Wynn's Friction Proofing". I knew it was  good product at the time because all the A&E mechanics who helped my on my Warbird rebuild said use this and that and they were right!

       There are scads of stuff we used and then couldn't find again. It doesn't mean they aren't there, just maybe under a different name or a packaging change. Look what changes "Future Floor Gloss" has gone through! There are some Gloss enamels I found lately that I can't get info on, but I would swear it's Pactra! Literally glides of the brush by itself and there NO brushmarks afterward. I have found it in 12 colors.

       This, in a small Mom and Pop Craft store run by the daughters of the owners for the Crafty Ladies in their community in between Austin and Kyle, Texas. It has some fairly simple labels and if I didn't know better I'd say it was a boot-leg product! LOL.LOL., But even if it is, it cleans up easily, thins easily and isn't that expensive. In the little TESTORS type square Bottles. It will thin with Alcohol, Naptha and the usual Brush cleaner you can get from Home Depot. Mineral Spirits too!What I got was called Rita's Rainbow, Craft Enamel. 69 cents + tax a bottle. I will have to go back soon and see if ths was a fluke. With Gas prices I haven't been back since pre-Covid!


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