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Why did you build that?

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Why did you build that?
Posted by wing_nut on Sunday, August 21, 2005 12:28 PM
A fellow modelers raised a question about why something was the way it was on a model I just finished. I did not have an answer other than to describe my methods.

The model is a Spitfire and it is the 1st Brit plane I have ever built. Coming back to the hobby after a 3 decade break when I used to build German and German only… I did not way to get in that habit. There are so many others great aircraft. Sure I may lean one way but so far my first 4 build, in order, Bf-109G-6, P-40N, Yak-7d and a Spitfire Mk. V, but 3 out of the next 4 are going to be German as it turns out… maybe.

I am building for me, to put my planes on a shelf and enjoy building and looking at them. They are not for competition. I do strive for accuracy and if it cans 100% dead-on accurate… great. But since 99% of my printed references are from the old days it is all about German planes so I search the net (not around in 1970) now trying to find out some things my subject. I pick my subject by the aircraft first… like the last one…I saw the movie, “Dark Blue World” and said, “Gotta have a Spitfire on the shelf.” For the Spitfire, when you have a choice of scheme 1 & 2, the biggest difference usually is what the call letters. The different roundels on the underside were the deciding factor for me since I could not recall seeing that before. The sheet has a plane for one of the Czech volunteer which would have made more sense since the idea came from the movie but bought the wrong version AC. Instead of returning it I figure I just have to build another Spit now.

Then I will look at AM decals to find something that catches my eye. And X numbers of hours later… there it is. I have, so far, deferred to the research of others. The AM decal sheet for the Spit just completed lists 6 references. AM I going to go out and buy all 6 books to double check them? Ahhh…nope. If I decide to start competing that may change.

I am curious about what it is others are trying to do or accomplish with their models. Without getting too philosophical about, I would like to hear what it is that makes others decide what to build… is it the plane… is it that you saw some cool marking and ran to buy the plane to match? How much research do you do? More than me, less than me?



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