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Pre-Painted Parts Vs Competition Rules.

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Pre-Painted Parts Vs Competition Rules.
Posted by Anonymous on Monday, July 21, 2003 7:22 AM
Hi All,

Recently a number of pre-painted items have started to appear on the market and I was wondering about peoples views on how these fit in with most model competition rules.

In the UK the IPMS National Rules state that all work on a model must be carried out by the originator.

How can this be reconciled against a very complicated paint job on pre-painted etched brass aftermarket cockpit parts?

Consider the following scenario:

1. Modeller 'A' has bought a basic kit and superdetailed it from stock plastic card, rod, sprue etc. 'A' has then lovingly and accurately hand painted their hard work.

2. Modeller 'B' has bought a basic kit and added an aftermarket resin cockpit tub and additional detailing. 'B' has also meticulously hand painted the interior.

3. Modeller 'C' has bought the same basic kit and has detailed the cockpit using pre-painted aftermarket parts.

All three models are finished to the same level of accuracy/detail. The judge has something of a dilemma!

Over to you guys!


Rob M.

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Posted by berny13 on Monday, July 21, 2003 10:26 AM
This is where the integrity of the builder comes into play. If they state in their building analysis that they used after market products or built the cockpit from scratch, then they will be graded on these factors. The same with pre-painted parts. IMO the builder that used pre-painted parts should receive less points than the person that built from scratch.

At one local show a modeller stated he built the complete cockpit from scratch, with no after market parts, only kit parts. During the show the ejection seat came loose and fell out. On the bottom of the seat was unpainted resin. Where the seat was attatched to the floor was unpainted resin. He was immediately disqualified. If he had stated he used after market parts, their would have been no problem. Again, the integrity of the builder.


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Posted by Anonymous on Monday, July 21, 2003 11:24 AM

Where it states that all work must be performed by the originator is the rub, isn't it? Do the judges consider it to be prepainted, and therefore, inadmissable? If I buy a resin aftermarket kit, I didn't cast it, I didn't make the molds. All I did was install it and paint it. If I entered a model car with a pre-painted body, would the rules be the same? Interesting quandry, no?

I think that the IPMS will be handing down a ruling very soon.vThey would have to, or it would throw off the judging in all coming competitions.


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