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Salvage-How to do it

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Salvage-How to do it
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 1:24 PM


    Hey, there's a thread going on right now about Glue Bombs*. Now I wonder how ya'll salvage a Car Body? Do you freeze it and then pop all the cooperative parts off then sand it down and begin the resto?

      Or do you do it like I do? You see, I once owned a Body Shop. So naturally I take them apart just like the real ones. The Front Fenders just where they separate from the inner fenders. Right down to the Gravel pan and Radiater support wall. That way,Back then if a model got a wrecked frnder from a fall or my little brother deciding to crash ny care.I didn't have to find a whole body. Just the damaged part.

     Yes, I did the rear quarters the same way and saved the Aprons under the windows( Between the Hood and windshield and between the Trunk and window.) Front and Back this way I fixed it like the real car and didn't have to use a lot of the early putties out there.

     I did do the same with other models, but we are specificially talking cars here. I even Cut firewalls of kits to have them for a rebuild. Many's the time I used an X-Acto carefully and removed a frame from the molded on  bottom. That way instead of trying to true the parts taken and blended with another I needed, I had another full frame to work with. Maybe you didn't do it just that way.

    I even thought about opening a very unusual Hobby Shop. There it would all be. In drawers stacked to the ceiling. Ships, Planes and Cars, Trucks,Armor or whatever else was made in model form. Oh, Sure I would sell new models and supplies to! But I would have the parts room. Just so if you only had a dollar and the car you wanted cost five Dollars you could buy the Whole Front Clip, Engine, Seats Whatever! 

     Just think, If you needed a winch for a Halftrack you could spend a Quarter and buy it from the shop. Or something as simple as 51 Chevy Bumper guards!


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