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Wrecked Auto!

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Wrecked Auto!
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, April 23, 2022 7:21 PM


    This one too is without photos. But, please pay attention. Have you ever wanted a wrecked car or multiple auto Dio( you Know) a fender bender with a model Cop car and an Older Wheel Lift Wrecker in the scene in 1/32-1/24-1/25 or even 1/35?

     I am sure you have all thought about this. The solution is as close as your 7-11 or other store. Did you know that Red Bull and other drinks like that come in cans thinner than a Beer can? The trick is Not for the faint at heart. take the fenders off the car,and hood too of the car you want to bend.

      Now take those Fenders ,Gravel Pan, Hood and Grille. Fill the fenders and hood with Pla -Doh. Sa,e for the gravel pan. Now for the Grille and Bumpers. Take the grille and Bumper and lower grill pieces.(usually molded as one piece.Using,Roasting foil, Shape the bumper. Then using heavy baking foil shape the Grille. This WILL take some time.

     If you are going to this extent( a wreck Dio) who cares, right? When the Pla-Doh has set up hard take the piece of can you have flattened with a rolling Pin on the counterto[,and carefully bend it over the fender. You want the excess at the bottom to fold under. Clamp the can metal on the fender and carefully using shaped quarter inch dowels, Shape it to the fender. Be slow and careful. Oh, make your chrome fender trim out of the baking foil then remove the molded on part From the fender. You just want a plain smooth fender 

     Now,  you are satisfied, ( it doesn't have to be perfect you know) after all, you're gonna bend the daylights out of it. install it on the car. Crash it, then do the same to the Grille and Bumper to match. Another car, Well they are kinda squished. If it's a pole then the impact point will be more pronounced, dontchya think? Go For It!


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