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Warning! Warning- Nostalgia Ahead!

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Warning! Warning- Nostalgia Ahead!
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, August 27, 2022 12:33 PM


    Cars,Wow, what a subject, even for Modelers. Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Fuelies, Midget Racers, Nitrox All the Drag Racers, Boy was there a lot to draw a young fellow's wheeled fantasy! The list goes on.But this is not about them. What is it about, you say. Well, lets start in 1948. Mohair seats and a familiar fuel/oil smell from the engine compartments. Big Heavy doors and Metal Chrome everywhere. Metal dashboards, painted like finer wood graced the area in front of Dad, Uncle Tim, yes!  and Grandpop too! Chromed trim of Metal surrounding the No0Nonsense guages.Speedometer, Tachometer, Gas, Oil, Vacuum and Amps guages to let you know what tat big piece of iron, in front of you,  holding all those moving parts that whirled around at unblievable speeds just to go to the Market, or Church,ON Sunday!

       Under the hood, Black and definitely interesting to a child so inclined. Grease and Oil maybe. A little on the side where the Cranckcase vent was. A greasy rag stuffed in a cranny to wope a rag for a Oil Dipstick been as long as I was tall! Wheels and Tires I couldn't even move when they were lying about on the ground. And that was only Dad's BUICK Roadmaster!

      Mom's Chevy and Uncle tim's Fords were straight sixes. There was enough room under those for a small boy to have a "no girl's allowed" clubhouse, I swear! It even seemed they were high enough above the ground so they could,  Go through the low areas on the Highways after a good rain, that would flood for drainage! Windshield motors that eachhad a switch to thenselves and a neutral feature if the vacuum was to low for you to manually operate them. Now, Those were Cars!

      Yeah, like Rail cars. My Gosh they were so big. Now the only memories we have of thos grand gas powered Dinosaurs are in Museums. Or Beer-Cans and Stoves all over the world. Or in a barn just waiting until someone showers the familial loving on them they can Remember. Can they? A instructor in Body Shop told me , "Metal has a Memory" "You just have to know hoe to jog it." Did Mohair seats have one too?

                     Nuff Said!





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