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New, Old Models. Of Dream Cars, Why Not?

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New, Old Models. Of Dream Cars, Why Not?
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Thursday, June 15, 2023 7:17 AM

 I was thinking:

        I know this gets folks in trouble when they are my age! Anyway I was cruising the 'Net yesterday and looking a maybe hundreds of so called"Dream-Cars" That Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors built over the years. No, Not just the ones that were driveable either

       Such unusual claims were made for some of them and what they might be able to do. Some even predicted Hands Off Driving and Cell Phone useage without needing to hold onto a phone. Some large ones were included. One that comes to mind is the obviously large Model that AMT did. A Two-Part car. This vehicle seperated into a little triangular two person Pod, while leaving the Family Pod in the driveway. It would travel linked up on a roadway with Powered "GuideRails" in place .

        The other AMT did, was the Ford "Leva Car". A single person car of the future. I wasn't sure of the method for moving fore and aft but it did float on a cushion of air. Ford set it up at the car show that way too. The Model has a flexible hose you attached to the back and as you moved the hose so went the car! You would run out of breath after a run across the Kitchen though.

       The LINCOLN "FUTURA" Was a running car that even appeared in a movie! It's claim? A Car of the future with new Power and Greater luxury! The Power? The 460 C.I. Engine they De-Bugged and made available some years after In Lincolns, Mercury Grand Marquis, T-Birds and the ubitiqous Ford "Crown Vickies" That said Police on themI Now it is irretreivably the Dang "Batmobile" What an insult to it's original designers Who envisioned a Bubble Topped Personal Luxury Barge,  Erp! Car! It was certainly Bigger than m y79 and 82 Buick Rivieras!! Revell put it out and it was a Curbside. But there were so many others. What a nostalgic trip that would be!

             Just to make it fun even throw in Darryl Starbirds Bubbletops with Working features that Monogram put out and of course Roth's cars( A glimpse of Hot Rods of the Future ?) And any other that can be thought of. Some classic cars that fit the bill too. What a eclectic shelf full of model cars that would make.


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