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    August 2008
Posted by tankerbuilder on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 11:43 AM

Tracy White got me to thinking about this,I snapped back an answer and then checked my stash. This is what I found.I had indeed started a conversion of PYRO/LIFELIKE/LINDBERG,S AMERICAN PRESIDENT liner to the LURLINE. Yes,I have a soft spot for MATSON,S HAWAII/L.A/.SAN FRANCISCO run liners.

They were neat old girls,filling a nich with the old school type class of "taking a cruise" They made you think about the really old days as you sat in your deck chair, sipping your favorite intoxicating(or not) libation,and watched the other folks enjoy their cruise and watch the water rush by at a comfortable 12 to 18 knots(maybe).

 The boats in their cradles would creat mixed shadows and then,later(after dinner) walking the promenade deck and looking at the stars while hearing the hiss of the seawater flowing by the hull. Who,if they enjoyed this part of life,wouldn,t want to build a model of these fine old CLASSIC steamships.

I for one do this. When we adventure into scratch building ships like this ,it can be scary, So stock up on pictures and other info and create your own vessel.Maybe you can do the ANDREA DORIA and other single stack liners too. TANKER-builder

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    September 2012
Posted by GMorrison on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 2:35 PM

Yes I know, ancient thread.

Tanks, did you ever do this project?

Seeing as I live in Monterey, sort of, I've collected models of BM-6 USS Monterey, CVL-26 USS Monterey, and I have this horrible liner kit as well.

It's improbable you'll ever show me pictures of the build, but I am curious.

 Modeling is an excuse to buy books.


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Posted by Tanker - Builder on Saturday, April 27, 2019 2:46 PM

Hi " G " 

    Well , no Lie .No model yet .It's one of my later" Bucket" listers . I have extensive hard photos of the Lurline and the Monterey .I sailed on both in Engineering . The Old ladies sure were neat . I used to walk the decks watching the passengers enjoying a different type idea of what cruising was .The Voyage was as much a part of the trip as the destination .

 Far more ( Old Fashioned ) Civilized , without Teens and Young-Uns running about looking for the next thrill ! Real Life Boats and real wood decks ! Real great food ,In three sittings , Breakfast , Lunch and Supper . Cocktails on deck at your deck chair .

 "Captain's Dinner" with the " gasp " Real Captain at the head of the table ! I would imagine I will try to get to her again soon . You mentioned Monterey,CA. Love the town and the Acquarium as well as all that See ( Sea Food )Food .I gained twelve pounds running from the  Island to there for the days I had off From Marine Pollution Control ( Crockett) and Carols Harbor and Marina in Sandmound Slough on the Delta .A whole two miles from Bethel island .

 Still have two old unbuilt models of the Hawaiian Pilot from Revell . T.B. P.S. The ships had Passageways at the waterline deck, Port and Starboard , for crew, perfect spot to watch the ocean go by .


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