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Build a Whaleback Freighter. PT 1

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Build a Whaleback Freighter. PT 1
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Friday, October 11, 2019 5:39 PM


     This is right up Don's alley, Except where the majority of parts come from. First and foremost you need the following. Four 50.7 oz. water or plain sided soda bottles. One two x four, CA glue, Silicon Adhesive, Rustoleum primer and lots of ship shaped chotskies.

     What do I mean by ship shaped? Well, lifeboats, ladders, rails ,hatches, etc. Some evergreen sheet and a small Tube ( Cardboard or the small end of a Plastic, spring loaded Toilet Tissue roll holder.)

      Make sure the 2 x 4 is straight and dry. Cut one end round on the bopttom at a shallow angle across the width . Now come back and cut across near the top of the angle. The end closest to the opposite surface and Cut a complete half circle . This is the stern . After measuring the length of the four bottles transfer this to the board.

    Now where the bottles taper is going to be the bow and stern. Right, Lakers don't have sweeping aerodynamic bows .they are not much more than an arc at the bow interrupted by a stem. Not quite a half circle at the bow. More of a medieval arch ( Think the arches at Notre Dame). 

    Now after getting these shapes right, apply the bottle parts starting with the two middle bottle sections. These will be only a section of an arch so it won't be the full half lengthwise of the bottle. Cut off the bottom 1/2" above the curve to the bottom and cut the top dome off 1/2" inch from the dome surface on the straight surface . Glue this together with the silicone adhesive, clamp well and let dry. 

    Note here. Lakers now don't even have the renessaiance arch. Pictures I have show just a rounded bluff bow. That wasn't the way it was done back then! Catchya later, Bye .   T.B.


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