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Do Ya Like Boats?

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Do Ya Like Boats?
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Sunday, July 25, 2021 1:23 PM

How many of you like Boats?

        No, I don't mean Warships or Freighters. I mean Powerboats. Like Sport Fishermen, BassBoats, Ski-Boats etc. Ever thought about building one? Well, don't be disappointed if you get the old A.M.T Three in One Boat kit.

       I have to tell you, they did not properly Marinize the exhaust system for the non- racing version. The two racing versions are pretty much closed system units. Now the more sedate craft would have a system that takes water in from outside the hull The Intake,or pick-up) and circulates it through the engine and then back overboard either in a seperate port or through the exhausts.

       Tugs, Inboard, House-Boats and Motoryachts do it through the Overboard discharge port above a certain size. My Houseboat( A 40 foot River Queen did it through the Outdrive.) No, These drives were not like Merc-cruiser drives.They did Not lift up. They each took a davit and falls to raise them. Why? Well, they were Dana Engineering outdrives for Commercial Application ( Lite Duty). They each drove a 24 inch wheel( Prop to landlubbers). The Chrysler engines(318s) were marinized versions of their street Brothers. The exhaust housings had pickups in them to help quiet them while running.

      This also kept the upper end cool. The water pump was a two stage so the blocks got cooled as well as the Intake/Exhaust system. The result was the alternators were on the opposite side from a car and they had no radiators. The exhaust was a very healthy rumble at speed and a spittin whisper at no Wake speeds. You will have to include thes changes to any Non-Racing model inboard you build! Even the Revell Rear Engined " V" drive inboard. They blew the exhaust out in a spray at speed. They did have an alternator and belts. Still gotta have that water pickup too.

        On an Inboard you always want to know how fast you're going. The System operates much the same as a Pitot system on a plane does. It uses air.The Water system uses pressure from Water on a membrane That compresses the oil or air in a sealed tube .This in turn operates the guage!

    Throttles are simpler. Basically hand operated gas pedals that when set, you can leave go of. Then for the performance minded( I have seen these on models rigged out all wrong.) You have Cavitation Plates. Funny name right. It( the Plate) Drops down with hydraulic pressure in little shock absorber units that are adjustable. This puts pressure on the rear ( transom ) of the boat pressing the bow down into the water by causing the stern to rise from the pressure of that water passing under that plate! There is a guage for that on the dash and a Button on the dash to operate it.

      You thought it was simple didn't you? Now, there's another boat I won't go into detail with here. The Jet operated boat. Suffice it to say, Same thing without the exposed prop. Just one powerful jet or fire-hose type stream from the back to make you move forward. When you think of jet Boats "Think Jacuzzi"


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