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Hmmmm------Part Three

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Hmmmm------Part Three
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Monday, October 25, 2021 9:14 AM


      Now, I Hope you have all you need. This of course means your ability to see this through. What did you decide on? Okay I am sure all of you have picked what you want. Clear work area right? Well lit, I hope! Proper tools and Glues? Well lets get started on one more equipment piece BEFORE we build a model.

      You remember what I said about Tracing? Even in color you can do this,even on a fairly thick piece of old school drawing paper!( That is about the thickness of a paper model kit) Now this device is a Light-Box ! Sound's difficult doesn't it? It's not.

      Take four pieces of 1"x4" and make sure the top and bottom pieces are about 24" long Now take the side pieces of the approximate length of 20" The inside measurement NEEDS to be 18" x24" Then take some thin plywood and gloe ut to this perfectly square box. 

       You now have a tray, Right? Finish out the exterior by sanding and trimming to a neat looking and finished item. You can paint it if you like. Color is your choice on the OUTSIDE. Reflective White is the ONLY color you will use on the inside.Go to the paint department in Lowe's or Home Depot or whatever DEPENDABLE hardware paint srore you use.

     Ask the paint guy for the most reflective PURE WHITE paint that has no glass or other additives. A Half Pint should do. Do NOT Spray this. Apply with a good Art sponge brush or a Fine trim Brush, as I am sure it is going to be ACRYLIC.

     While you are there go to the Storm Door section and check out the Polycarbonate sheet for these items. Buy one piece of the thickest one you can find. Warning!! Do not buy any of the sheets that have gouged or heavily scratched  protective covers and definitely DON'T buy a piece without it! 

     There is a reason for not spraying it. If you spray you will get the inevitable thin spot.This will actually change the light value  Now When you get all this done take the plastic sheet an Set it on the top edge of your box. Drill appropriate holes in the edges to allow fo Four on the ends and Six on the top and bottom After cutting it to the box size! Make sure you use countersunk Phillips screws.Why? A smooth surface and they are easy to get on and off if you have too.

      Cut a hole in one end. Now go and get the setup for LED strips and the associated electrical hardware. Oh! The hole needs to be the size of a  two inch mailing tube so the cap from a tube will fit in there.. This way you can change anything or fix a Boo-Boo if it happens. The LED's need to be as close together as possible. They do come in strips .You need to make sure you stagger the lights where the spacing on the strip allows. This way you won't have a dark spot that matters.

     Using LED's is the right way! No Heat Buildup from Bulbs or flourescent tubes and their ballasts. Plus this keeps the unit light. If you want to diffuse the light after putting all this work into it I will tell you how. You carefully Block sand the polycarbonate sheet WET with 800 to 1200 Wet or Dry Sanding medium. This will reduce the glare to your vision. Add to blocks on each corner of the top to allow the box to have a slight angle toward you. It's more comfortable that way. Take a left over strip of the PolyCarbonate sheet on the long side Drill four holes and mount this strip on the outside of the box on the bottom side facing you. This will allow pencils and pens to remain in easy reach. There you have your most necessary tool for the next phase!

      That's it for now. Sorry if I was long winded. I wanted to make sure you did this right. Bye! 


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