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Alternate Materials

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Alternate Materials
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Friday, April 22, 2022 7:31 AM

Hi Everyone!

      Today I want to talk about Alternate Materials. What do I mean? Well, picture this, Whatever you are building, You have gotten to a point where you need a specific surface or part that does not exist, You've exhausted all your sources.

      Don't you think it's time you look outside the box at Alternate Materials? This even goes as far as the tools and paints department. I cannot stress enough, that many get to that point and self defeated say " Well, Can't finish this the way I want." Why Not? There's a piece of common item that will do the job for you, if you clear your mind and look around you.

     Can't afford, say Bare Metal Brand Foil? Don't let that stop you! With fresh Shiny Dollar Store Aluminum Foil ( yeah ,The Cheap stuff) and some Micro Foil adhesive you will have an even larger supply for a quarter of the price. Sure you have to learn how to use the two items, But, Who cares? You will still have a Kick $%% model Plane, Just sayin.

      Need a cable for that Tank's rear deck? Well there's wire so thin in that discarded computer gear, somewhere in there. Why let the recycle company get all the benefit? You can pull it out, braid it tight and make scratch built ends or loops on the end Splicing them with a strip of magic Mending Tape. Under paint it will all look like metal.

      You've gotten that " Jug" almost done and destroyed the prop. So What? There's ways around that. Save the Center and clean up where the blades have been broken off. You know there are coffee houses all over the place right? Find three folks who stop at the same one. I bet they throw away the shortened swizzle stick that plugs the drinking hole on those to-go hot or cold cups. Well, have them save some of those things for you. Why? Well the stems that stick in the cup are your new prop blades silly! Save the extras for the next Prop De-Blade incident.

      Well, that's all I have time for now. Talk to you again soon about Alternate Materials and other stuff. This is just the Ice-Breaker!!


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