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File Card-Large Airliner Model

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File Card-Large Airliner Model
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Sunday, June 5, 2022 7:44 AM

Hi Ya'll;

      Just in case you think I am haranguing ya'll, I am Not. I would like you to just go to the site, out of pure curiosity. Now, I think it's Pinterest or  Bored Panda. But there's a link to a guy that has built a whole Airliner out of those Manila Folders we are all acquainted with. I don't know the scale but I can tell you, even though Most of what I've seen is in that Cream Color it has detail out the Wazoo!! And Oh Boy! it's Big!

      Yes. It's  Very Large. The scale is large enough he has included All the airship's framing and inner structure of the Wings, Fuselage and yes, even the Engines! Plus he has made all the parts from this medium. Even the seats! If you can go to the sites I mentioned and try to find it. You'll be absolutely amazed. I know I was! There is a Ship, also large scale that was used in Britian as a tool for maritime Personnel to build.

        She is almost, I think, Don't quote me, 14 feet long. In those Marbled colored folders. It's used to train these maritime students EVERY part of a ship including the double Bottoms and Ballasting systems! As well as every other part of the vessel. She is pricier than most Paper models But a very impressive piece when done! You can special order the sections so if, you say you are going to be an engineer, then the engine room areas only! 

       The plane builder, I believe, is going to eventually put a livery on it. I am not sure at this point. Now just think, a 1/8 scale Car or piece of Armor done up this way. My Gosh! You could use the various auto repair manuals to build your Car or de-Classified plans for your Stug -111 even! These modelers have paved the way. I have even seen on Pinterest where some folks have done very nice ships out of just plain Cardboard. I mean box type Cardboard!

         The Covid stay in orders or suggestions(Where you live, I guess,  as to which) have resulted in a return to this simple media with amazing results. Even those who mess with LEGO have done some things that are simply amazing in artworks. These paper based models show us that any piece of ordinary of media is fair game when a person wants to be creative. I think you should check them out!

          I am working on a small group of Ski Boats that are being built out of the light Cardboard and Basswood that are classics in real life. For the ones that are Fiberglass I am using the smooth finish Donut Boxes. Yay! Shipley's and Dunkin!! When you get them, just ask for them to line the box bottoms and tops so the Donuts don't touch the cardboard! I be waiting to hear from you, as to whether you tried it or not! Oh, and save a Cream Filled maple bar for me Willya?


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Posted by Pawel on Sunday, June 5, 2022 8:00 AM

OK, TB - I believe you mean this one:

It's 1:60 scale by Luca Iaconi-Stewart

Have a nice day!


All comments and critique welcomed. Thanks for your honest opinions!

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    October 2019
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Posted by Tanker-Builder on Sunday, June 5, 2022 11:36 AM


       That's it for sure! Thank You Pawel! Can you believe the detail in and on that Bird?

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Posted by disastermaster on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 2:29 PM

  I'm sure it's an alien that built this.



" I was so much older then I'm younger than that now "


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Posted by CapnMac82 on Sunday, June 12, 2022 10:02 AM

Used to be a cottage industry that churned out 1/48 airliners in carboard and paper for the windows of Travel Agents.

Detail was not high, they were mostly a "good enough at three feet" constructions.

They often were missing a wing so that they could be atteched to a display window backdrop.

There was a bit of a market for them in the eary days of eBay, before shipping such things wound up prohibitive.

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Posted by Teenage Modeler on Sunday, June 12, 2022 6:39 PM

Ah yes, the fabled Manila Folder 777. I saw the guy building it when I was just a kid. It's amazing how this dude has the patience to make something like that, the repetition, the small, almost microscopic level of detail, and the fact that he is able to create such a true to life model without even flying the aircraft (he once said that he flew the 777 for the first time after he started making the model..?). It just shows how people are able to be creative and can make anything they put their mind into.

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