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Roundy , Round I Go

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Roundy , Round I Go
Posted by tankerbuilder on Monday, March 2, 2015 3:19 PM

Well ;

   Hello again . Now here we go running in circles .Yup ; literally of course ! We are going to shape three things this time .A tapered gun barrel .A mast and a ships bow .

     The ship's bow is the hardest so we will do it last . The gun barrel is first .You have probably rolled paper unconsciously before you threw it away. We will do this consciously this time .Cut a strip of paper about 1.5" by 3" in size . Now taking the paper in hand , Get a very large pair of scissors or a very good stainless steel straight-edge .

     You ever do curls in Christmas ribbon ? This is what you will do to this piece of paper , Only , you Must do this from the long side to the opposite side . When you do this you will create a tube .Now adjusting the tube into a taper . Not very noticeable is it ? GOOD . Remember most model ship guns look like they are straight , but they aren't .

       Put a wee bit of glue on the gun edge ( the top of the two edges) . Make sure there's a little angle to this part , Now before the glue is trying to set put in the taper by pulling one end tighter than the other ..

    Paint the inside black and the outside grey .You now have a somewhat large gun barrel .You just have to use the same technique only smaller for 1/250 and so on .

     A mast is even easier .Take the same sized piece and roll it longways into the tightest roll you can make .Yes . You may cheat and dampen the paper . Now when it's nice and tight run some glue on the seam .Let dry with a little holder or piece of floral wire on it to keep it from unraveling . When dry , Paint wood brown .

AHA !  you did these two okay ? Good . Now the ships bow . This one requires a little work , but the methods described here-in , Will work !! Get the biggest spoon you can get , or even an oval Deep sided  serving dish . This will be your mold . Now spritz the 4" x 6" piece of paper. Now lay it on the spoon or serving dish side .Make sure you coat the mold with a non - oily release agent such as PAM. Lightly !

       Gently press the paper to the surface till there are almost no wrinkles .It's not possible to eliminate all of them .You can , but , this is your first . Now let it air dry ! Remove with a flat X-Acto blade or a thin piece of metal , say a mechanics feeler gauge . Gee , a bent piece of paper ! Now cut it where you have to , to line up with your deck and waterline plate and glue in place .There .You have a nice smooth flared bow on your paper model !

      If you don't need a lot of flare then use the side of a tapered dish soap bottle ( the wider , flatter side) .Same results ! Good luck .Next time it's tires ! .


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