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Detailing a Card Model

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Detailing a Card Model
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Thursday, November 12, 2020 12:01 PM

Here's a good one;

       Many card( Paper) models are in 1/250 or 1/400 that I have built lately. Some are also in the Humongeous size of 1/200!

    You can, for many, get detailing sets. What they have done here is use heavier card and colored it on both sides and laser cut it. You still have to glue the pieces together as if you had doubled and cutout the parts yourself. The only difference? Nice coloring and easier work on some parts. On stairs? Well, my mental jury is still out on that. Why?

     Let me make one thing thing clear here. We are talking very well done parts. BUT, they are Still Paper! When you bend the stairs, rails and stair treads you can wind up with a gutless pile of folded, de-laminated, colored paper. It's NOT as easy as P.E. Nor as strong.

   What I have started doing is this. You really want that paper detailing set for your ship? Well, then here's what you do to make it work. The one thing that works well is this, don't laugh and don't dis-believe. Take Ultra thin C.A. Glue. Soak the part then hit it with The Zip Set!

     That will give it the strength to be folded as necessary, one time! It will hold it's intended shape and be easy to work with. I just recently built a fairly simple boat. From Wilhelmshaven( a promo item I think) Well, it had, like most modern boats, a steel multi spoked wheel. I tried this after doubling it and gluing it together the normal way.

     Using my X-Acto retractable knife I was able to cut out between the spokes and rim and it looked almost like a plastic molding, instead of paper. So this was something I thought I would pass along. Model on ! Oh, Remember You can use Super Glue and or Clear enamel to put these things together. The Clear enamel takes a little longer.

      So, If you cannot get the kind of glue you need there is always something else you can use. I have even used DUCO household Cement.( Yep! They still make it) here's another late note: Are you really desperate for something that looks like stairs rather than the flat printed strips of faux stairs? Don't you laugh either. They look great. What is it? Zip Ties!! Yup, you can get them in enough sizes to do almost any scale till " N " scale. try it ,You'll be amazed!


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