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Curves and Flat Stuff

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Curves and Flat Stuff
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Sunday, December 20, 2020 8:06 AM

Hi Ya'll 

    Well, we certainly have interesting ways of doing stuff to something as simple as paper don't we? As some of you know I am building the paper versions of the Stockholm and the Andrea Doria.

    Well, as on all paper ships there's some curved slots to help you get the stern shape.Now if you just follow the directions you'll get the shape, but, with horizontal ridges in them.

     How do you make them almost totally disappear? Here's a tip for making Flat stuff round! Take the parts and remember, Cut "On" the line Here. This is important too. Don't try to cut through in one pass. be gentle here and use two or three passes with your knife.

 Okay, now here you are with these funny curved slots in the paper. Bring the lower one in together in a dry fit.Do they fit well? If not you can take a medium sanding stick along the edges to refine the edge. Yes, you Can Sand paper. It has to be carefully done though.

     Now try the fit again. Fairly tight? Good, make up some little tabs out of the scraps.( I find the pieces they have you cut for this too cumbersome.). Now, pull the pieces together snugly and hold with the thumb and forefiner. Now put some glue on the tab( NOT A LOT, Either!) and put the tab in place over the slot and press it in place. After tab gluing ,go back, and run a strip of glue, Not heavy now, along the seam between the tabs.This will help reinforce the join when dry.

    Now continue around till the slot is all glued. Let stand for about one half an hour. Now come back and do this. With your Left hand press on the edges slightly. With your right, Or opposite if your Left Handed. Now take the Pad of your thumb and press on the paper at the very end of the slot that you glued. Rub the paper between your thumb and forefinger making a curving sweep towards the stern.

    Do this as many times as it takes to get those two surfaces to have a gentle curve in them, Kind of hiding the joint. Let set for time to a nature break or get some refreshment. Come back and glue the second slot the same way making all outside edged are smoothly met. After another Half and hour do the same to this area.

     After doing this you should have a nicely curved stern instead of a Curve, Edge, Curve, Edge, Configuration. Now take a Black or White Art pen. I use white out applied with a brush on white hulls. Trace along the line covering any white edges showing or whatever other color your hull is.

 That way when you display your ship they'll wonder, after finding out it's paper, How'd the H%&& did they get that stern so nice in paper? Aha! Your Secret,Ay?



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