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Exercise in Inventiveness

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Exercise in Inventiveness
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 9:29 AM

S.S.Andrea Doria;

 Tis a name that like Edmond Fitzgerald, Normandie and Titanic will live in history only. She was one of a pair of yacht-Like Looking Single stack ships of the Italian Lines. The other was the Christoforo Colombo.

 Now no one saw fit to release either the Doria or it's nemesis the Stockholm for some years. Then Along comes a paper-model company with a dual kit! Never in plastic though!

 And the Doria even has an after market Framing and such kit from the same company! They are a nice pair of models. BUT, in completing the Doria's Hull I had to be as inventive as I ever have been even in Scratch-building. Due to it's size they have allowed overages in the size of some parts such as the Aft quarters, Port and Starboard. BUT, and this is important, They don,t make allowances for stupid builders!

 The Framing Kit is handled just like a wood kit even to the sanding the edge of the frames for fit and the right angle on the edges. What they didn't advise you to do, and Yes Pawel and others, I checked. They failed to advise you on which side of the line on the central bar to install the frames, Which are a sixteenth of an inch thick not the thickness of a piece of paper!

       So you wind up with a Doria that you carefully have to adjust and finagle to get it right. You can't tell but it is tricky getting it right. This company, although refining their technique still doesn't give you a ship shaped waterline plate to build on. So there's that. Which on the Doria is solved by the Framing they give you. None for the poor Stockholm though!

      This model does require you to fall back on many older skills maybe you forgot you had. But even with My Human Stupidity I was able to be inventiveness enough to overcome the problems. Besides the things I mentioned about curves I discovered the Doria had a Fatter Butt that they allowed for. If you join both quarters at the stren they will cause an oil-canning of the part forward. So, You have to carefully cut and trim till you get a near fit and haven't totally destroyed the lettering on the stern!

 All in All, a true test of my latent inventiveness.That's why I can look at Philo 426's model of that plane and say Well Done. You guys think it's easy? Wa'll it just paper? Oh yeah? Try one and get back to us. and Let's see what your inventiveness level lets you do!



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