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Tirpitz-The Difference

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Tirpitz-The Difference
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Monday, September 5, 2022 4:28 PM

Hi Ya'll!

          Ah, The TIRPITZ. Although operated by the "Third Reich", as warships go in that timeline, She was a thing of Beauty! Now I have discovered something. The 1/200 Plastic Tirpitz and the 1/200 Paper one differ somewhat from each other. The differences are not glaring, But, they are there. The differences are mostly in the Amount of Tertiary firepower, Plastic, and the hull Torpedo Blisters, Paper.

        The other difference that I could see, was the little ARADO float Plane was kinda iffy! On the Paper one. On the Plastic one it was fairly decent! Of course, both fell short on Boat cranes and Aircraft recovery cranes. They seem to always do that! That is where two sets of P.E. solved a lot of problems.P.E.on Cardcraft? (Paper!) You Bet. Why Not ? It definitely enhances both models.

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Posted by gregbale on Monday, September 5, 2022 5:07 PM

TB, it seems that the Tirpitz's rather unusual career -- first as looming threat to all Allied ops in the N. Atlantic and/or the Baltic, then as oft-moved 'shell game' target for stubbornly-persistent Allied bombers -- has given us, over the years, quite a few different 'fits' for the 'Big T' models in terms of general details you noted...her constantly-modified anti-aircraft armament, in particular.

As with the paint-job on her lost sister Bismarck, a modeler just has to pick his or her time 'window,' and go with the best info that's available. Part of the fun.

BTW, not sure whose paper model you're using, but ships aircraft in general seem rarher ill-served in paper ship kit designs. Hard shapes to render in miniature origami!

Good on ya' for using the PE, though. Why not, if it makes the project better? (Those stick-in-the-mud paper model 'purists' need to get over themselves! Big Smile)



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