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Hammerhead; First Echelon Space Cruiser

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Hammerhead; First Echelon Space Cruiser
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 12:54 PM


     I gave this a fitting title I think. Now,go to the local Craft store or Hobby shop. In the first buy some Milliput. In the second buy a Thresher type attack sub. Now go Home. Sit yerself down and tune the tube to National geographic Wild. Like them Shark and Orca shows.

        Now stop the picture once in a while and study those mean A%%ed fishies. Now do this . Set up your work area with some Evergreen sheet ( Standard Sheet) .080 thickness Lay out the sub parts. Now glue up the hull with the idea of Cutting Off the Conning Tower! That's what the Milliput is for. Fill the conning tower area ,Both halves and cut it off! Leave enough to smooth the spot out when the halves are solidly to gether.

 Get some Gun Turrets from the Enola gay model B-29 any scale. All three common scales will work. Now place the large turrets on the Top, Bottom, and Each side at center of the body. Okay,are you happy with that?

       Now take the .080 and cut some 3/4" Wide pieces about three inches long. Laminate them to a thickness of 3/4" and set aside. Do the same in laminates of two layers and set aside. These second parts will be One inch square.

 Now go back to the craft store. Go to the Bead aisle, Find some Aqua or Red translucent Undrilled beads about 1/8" dia. The oval ones, These will go on the outside of the " Hammer" when needed. Blend all this together after shaping the Fins and Tail and Hammer and attaching them to the sub and blending them in.

       Had to stop for a minute,sorry. The ends of the fins need to be at least the laminated thickness of two.080 layers. Why,Well this is where the openings for the " Manta" fighters hangars will be 

 For the Engines you can let your imagination be your guide.remember there's no friction from any Atmosphere. A squirt from a can of air used for computer cleaning will send you flying! With that in mind, Use something to create a " Repulsar" system for instance. Repulsar - To Repulse or drive away from. As, The magnet repulsed the metal on One pole and Not the other.

 You can put tubes in the skin pointing away in concentric rings for Kinetic weapons such as simple cannon balls.Yup! In space a cannonball traveling at fifty foot per minute will shred anything it hits. No explosives needed! Let your mind wander and lets see what you come up with!    T.B.  P.S. You also have the main laser banks be emitted across the width of the hammer and at the outer forward tips of the fins.



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