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Comments on a Ferry -- Still on the shelf

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    October 2019
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Comments on a Ferry -- Still on the shelf
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, August 13, 2022 2:29 PM

Hi!I have gone back to this Shelf Queen too!

  First THE BOX, The 1/400 G.T.S.FinnJet by Revell of Germany. Although a rather handsome vessel, it does have it's drawbacks as a model. First and foremost it has a split Hull. So why did they put it in the typical European end opening box! You have to completely unload the box to work on it. Usually, when this happens I seal the ends and open the three sides and thus making it a top opening box. I like this because I can then use the box as a build tray! Because in it's original configuration, you cannot put it back in the box when you walk away!

    Second-The Ship! Although a simple build for some even I was backed up a few paces by this 1/400 model. The sides in the passenger area are quite tall. Now that wouldn,t be a problem if they were the same thickness as the hull sides! They have tabs to allow you to glue them together. But then you discover the sides are either too thin or too thick and don't line up smoothly with the Hull sides. When you try to correct you have to be extremely careful or you lose the window detail above the seam and below on the hull when sanding it smooth.

     Sadly after painting the windows,that's as far as I got! I am going to take another stab at it with a Micro Saw(P.E.Tool) and try one more time to correct this.Then maybe I will be confident enough to finish it. yes, I too get rattled from time to time. The old OTAKI Motorized Yamato didn't give me these kind of problems. Believe it or Not! Let this be a lesson. Give it time and they won't beat you. So There!! 



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    January 2021
Posted by PFJN2 on Saturday, August 13, 2022 7:49 PM


That sounds like an intersting build.  Hopefully you'll get a chance to finish it sometims Smile

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    March 2022
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Posted by missileman2000 on Sunday, August 14, 2022 8:34 AM

I've been planning a Great Lakes railroad car ferry.  Forget the route it served.  It is a simple scow shape with a small bridge up on stilts, with lots of track on the deck.  I would build it in N scale so I could use commercial N scale cars.


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    October 2019
  • From: New Braunfels, Texas
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Sunday, August 14, 2022 11:39 AM


   Ya see, I got this thing for all kinds of civilian ships, so yes, she is a good build. I will just get it close I guess, finish the build and move on! By the way, on the box it says skill level 5! The way some of it goes together I can understand that!


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