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Inca Stairways-All Ships

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Inca Stairways-All Ships
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Thursday, October 27, 2022 12:48 PM

Hi Ya'll.

             Just a short teaching lesson on those derned Inca stairways. Now I really didn't expect to find them on Tamiya's edition of the "Big Mo" much less any of their ships. This was the first issue, now maybe they have corrected that, Don't know. This is to those of you who have this older kit.

            There are eight of them. One on the main deck slightly forward of Midships and the other three are on the 01 deck Directly midships. The easiest way I have found to remove them is simple and it works well. take the X-Acto blade that looks like a flat chisel. Lay it on the deck at the bottom of the stair. Very gently rock it back and forth to make a cut. Then come in from the top, even with the edge of the deckhouse.

            Once you've done this then work the area until the ladder is gone. Now, twoof the ones on the 01 deck have little extensions from the deck where you step to the side then down. DO NOT Cut those off! Take those and start the top cut the thickness of two of those little steps down in thickness. You can always thin them out later when you have removed the material under them. When You are done you should have some odd shaped holes left. on the main deck one Use plastic scrap to build it out remembering to try to stay even with the bulkheads and the deck!

         When you have them lined up, glue in place small pieces of scrap, leaving room to put Putty into the gaps. The smaller stairways on the 01 you can use putty exclusively. Use Tamiya White putty only. Testors is to grainy for this, When dry take that same chisel blade and clean up the areas and prime well, checking for those usual sneaky little holes. Fill and finish. Do not paint yet. You will have P.E. or plastic bulkhead outers to put on beforehand. Good luck.

        If you are lucky, you stashed some Humbrol, New or Old label doesn't matter. The Color? Deck Bleached Teak. get ready to use it. AFTER you have sanded the deck joints lightly. Not lightly enough to leave a hump or seam. But lightly enough that you do Not totally destroy the "Deckish" appearance in those spots.

       I will tell you in the next comment how to apply that paint. It ain't the way you've been told! Bye!


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