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Rail Scale-Pleasant ship model

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Rail Scale-Pleasant ship model
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Monday, November 20, 2023 12:16 PM


         Leave it to me to come up with something weird. How's this for a weird build? a European river ferry-boat?It's a Faller kit No-131007. Based on the instructions this kit also comes with a lighting's in the instructions no matter which model you build.

       She's a neat little model. Strange assembley, but, fascinating none the less. She has a full interior as she's done in H.O.Scale. tables and booth seats on the main deck and bench seating all over the place including a covered area right behind the wheelhouse on the upper deck.

        Much is inside the very finely,moulded parts for the main deckhouse sides.The windows are shown with unpainted frames. If you choose to Molotize them, boy do they POP! This also leaves the mind open for whatever else they had in mind. There are some parts you don't use, which includes a 1-1/2 inch long extension to the Main deck?

       This extra part thing is common in this comany's products. I don't know why, But I assume it's for upgraded sets for the Euro market! The thing I like about their products is the ease with which they can be Modeled to suit you, OR ,you can customize the heck out of them. I see, with a scale upgrade a common houseboat design available here in the States cslled a "River Queen"

       These 'River Queens" came in 30 to48 foot versions with your choice on outdrives and power choices. Mine was a 42 with twin Chryslers and Dana Outdrives. The Dana was a Commercial grade unit that did not automatically, by helm control tilt up and out of the water. The "Wheels" were bronze 26 inchers.

      Most of the 'Queens" were "Ocean Certified", Meaning, after a U.S.C.G. full inspection, I could get my cert, and take her out to Sea. I did it twice and she handled like a dream. Now back to this little gem of a model. You could possibly, scratch build a cabin on her hull to represent the Euro Canal boats.

       You know, something different for the shelf. Consider one of these. The moulding is such, you will be surprised there is someone out there that puts out models as well done as Tamiya or Hasegawa. Think out of the box, you ship and boatbuilders. it's fun!!

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Posted by rcboater on Sunday, February 4, 2024 11:09 AM

There are a bunch of waterline kits for HO scale train layouts, and even some for O scale.

One of the guys (Stu) in my RC club is also really into O-scale railroading. (That's 1/48 scale.). That also happens to be a good scale for RC tugs and barges.  Stu has build some matching docks and barges, and now other members are doing so, too.

1/48 is a great cross-over scale, especially for models of boats up to 200 feet long.   I have the Dumas Mt Washington sidewheeler kit- I'll be shopping the O-scale vendors for things like passenegs, luggage, benches, etc!

T-B, thanks for posting this sort of stuff.  A lot of modelers seem to really have blinders, and never look outside their specific genre.  Heck, I'd wager most of the guys in my IPMS club have never set foot in a train or wargaming or dollhouse store- they have no idea how much usable stuff is out there, especially for scratch builders!


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