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Why I am Looking for Large old Powerboats(P.T.s and such) Hulls!

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Why I am Looking for Large old Powerboats(P.T.s and such) Hulls!
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Thursday, May 23, 2024 10:23 AM

Hi,To all of you out there.

   When I started modeling Many, Many years ago I picked  up damaged models from a fountain, not far from home. I took all those pieces and made a multi- scale Fleet of Grey ships. That was my agreed upon pay from the owner. You get to keep ANYTHING you find. Just keep that fountain unclogged!

   Quarters and Dimes, Nickels, the occasional Silver Dollar(This was back in the fifties , remember) and Pounds of Pennies. Sometimes I made over forty bucks a month.(Plus all the B.B. Damaged Models and Toy Boats, in there) Today I find myself in the same situation. Only there's no fountain to clean, and I cannot use (Snorkel gear anymore)

    The Local old folks home has a fountain.  Ownership Has created a lake around it. Insurance says a licensed company Must clean it! No! They will not save the model boats for me. Some are even R.C.Models! Last month they pulled out two of the larger Models I am looking for a "Perkasa" model and A "Lindberg Sport Fisherman"(Talk about rare) they just smashed them up and put them in the bin. I even offered them money-I called the office and offered to pay for such items!

    They say "State" law says anything found like that MUST go to the Landfill! I told them I would Steam Clean the stuff in front of them to prove I clean it well! No Dice. One of their personnel even told me to go to "Hades" and quit Bothering a busy company! So I appeal to ya'll. I got and restored a "Texaco tanker" Toy that way. I am glad on that one, it was the Rarer one done By WEN Mac Industries ( that one was a wee bit more realistic and also had Wheels so you could roll it on the carpet when you were playing "Captain") The Motor and Battery hardware were fully restorable. It sits on a shelf(Before you ask) Yes! It had a new maiden voyage in the restored condition and Then recieved a Steering servo, Speed Control and R.C.Reciever!( These are removable leaving no trace of being on board!)

     So being long winded as usual, now you know why I seek these hulls. I have even turned Aircraft carriers into Passenger ships when not other choice was available!

      Thanks for reading this,  Tanker-Builder! 

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Posted by JoeSMG on Thursday, May 23, 2024 11:02 AM

My take on your tale is that they are being dishonest as to what becomes of their fountain findings. What state would bother to create a law enforcing "All fountain finds must go to a landfill", I call Horse Pucky on that. The workers are no doubt selling anything that might be of value on ebay and don't want to share.

Ya know TB I've said it before and I'm saying it again - I think you'd really enjoy an inexpensive 3D printer like the Ender 3 pro - very capable of printing any manner of hulls for peanuts. You can down load a tone of free designs from sites like And after watching youTube for a couple days, I'm pretty sure you could manage the printing.

I'm guessing you're thinking "As if!" But I know you'd love it if you could find someone to walk you through the basics.

Anyway, too bad about the wasted fountain booty.

- Joe the SMG


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