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Displaying Aircraft Innards .

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    June 2014
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Displaying Aircraft Innards .
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 9:02 AM

Ah !

   Woe is me . I have this awesome Lear Jet model . With the interior , the interior built up and came out awesome . In the plane you can't see all that work ! What do I do to show it off ? 

   This idea came to me as I was feeding our Red Eared Slider turtle ! I have some clear aquarium tubes stacked behind it . Hmmmmmm. Took one of the new ones and tried this . I think it might revolutionize model Aircraft displaying where an interior is concerned .

 I built up the interior for the " Bamboo Bomber " ( Sky King's Plane .) using white glue ( Aleens ) so I could dis-assemble it later . I painted it with school ( well , Pre -school ) acrylics . The kind that wash off .

 I built half sidewalls and the opening area for the door . Then I slid the whole thing in a tube I got just for this experiment ! After it was located I took the tube and put a wavy cut on each end , very close to the interior parts . Then I capped it with that clear thin Saran Wrap ! Bingo ! Venue for displaying the interior next to the closed up aircraft 

 Now here's an alternate way . Take profiles with a profile guage . Build little frames amd longerons and assemble around the finished interior like a stick and tissue model . Make them thin ! Then cap with .010 plastic sheet wrapped around and glued on the bottom centerline . 

 This is just an idea . So give it some thought and when you are suffering from " Modelers Block " try this to get yourself out of the slump . It should work ! T.B. P.S. I have used this last method on Ship Hulls with great success . At least my clients seem to like it ! 

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Posted by GMorrison on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 9:23 AM

You'll remember that there used to be a business called "travel agent". They used to have a brick and mortar location called an "agency".

In those locations, you met with a "person" who sold you a "ticket".

Part of the sales pitch were big beautiful aircraft models with clear sides. I wonder where those all went.

Good ideas. Aircraft are difficult to display, as it's a closed tube. Remove a roof of a caboose, lift off the deck of a ship.

 Modeling is an excuse to buy books.


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    June 2014
  • From: New Braunfels , Texas
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Thursday, June 7, 2018 2:17 PM

 " G " 

    As you know , many of those were resin for the most part Or poured plaster . I do know that a lot  wound up in the dumpsters of the nation as these places closed .The stand I used for my resin Coast Guard Falcon came from a friend who'd gotten a plane out of a dumpster down the alley from his Subway store ( where he worked ). 

    I got the stand . He rebuilt the aircraft and hung it in his home . Some were even REVELL L-1011 aircraft from Revell's commercial division .  I acquired a ship this way .It turned out to be a very poorly made copy of a ship that had ferried many in the North Atlantic .She was a ferry that was lost . The Fibreglass replica was very badly made but salvageable .

 I haven't seen any in quite some time .


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