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Posted by Tanker-Builder on Friday, December 4, 2020 11:29 AM


       Have you modelers out there figured out how to light up the stacks on the Titanic? It's easy. This requires four fiber optic cables per stack and a light source right under the deck in that area. I put my lights in the stack itself!

       The top of the stack being dark is perfect for a friction fit triple A Battery Then the Light is on the end of the holder. Attached is a spider of four Fiber Optic cables or whatever you want call them. Run these up through the spotlights. I don't think they are represented on the model though. Get the proper scale resin lights from Model Shipways. Drill a hole in the bottom back of the light bucket next to the base and make sure the fiber optic cable is curved enough to fit in there centered. 

       Now paint the outside of the cable Black.Then the proper outside color for the lights. The Black is important. This prevents light leaks. Now, I failed to mention earlier .When you get your cables to length, Take one End of each one and GENTLY melt it to a curved( Domed ) end with a candle. NO,Not a lighter! A Candle. This creates a lense effect that will distribute the light in a convincing manner. Hey, it may not reflect off the wall. But, with the room lights off you will clearly see all four stacks lit up.


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