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W.W.W. on a Model Car-Part Three

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W.W.W. on a Model Car-Part Three
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 9:44 AM


       Shortened the title anyway. Hi there, everyone. Now, for today we have the following. Gluing the Sheet material on the Tailgate and finishing Same. Hopefully all of you that tried to follow this, have had good luck shaping that skived piece of wood. Did you use contact cement as recommend or go off on your own and perhaps use C.A.?

       The reason I did NOT recommend C.A. is simple. When you use the stuff it fills the pores in the wood and if it gets thoroughly saturated or even spotty It WILL NOT accept any stain, Period. Yes, you could stain it first. That might work. BUT, there's always a chance the C.A. will leave discolored spots where applied.

       Now that you have either a nicely shaped piece of very thin wood laying on your bench or have already fastened it in place. Here's the next step and it is needed BEFORE the trim wood goes on. You must clear coat your skinned tailgate. Ah! Now that brings the question, What to use.

      There will be different schools of thought on that. Some will say,"Oh" Use a Clear Stain on it or a Resin overcoat" Nope. We will use something simple and readily available. We will use clear Semi-Gloss Craft Spray. As it dries we will sand between spray sessions till we get three Glass Smooth layers with absolutely square edges. Then one final wipe with a tack cloth, Lightly, And we are ready for step two. As far as the wood is concerned.

      Take your ready Made Top, Bottom and Center and End frame piece and test fit it on the gate. It should fit easily with a little tension to wanna lay straight. That's okay. Now, Carefully hold it up to a not bright ( Glaring) light and check for depressions, or spaces between the two parts. If there none here comes the hard part.

      Decide what color you want the outside wood and stain it. Do it well and make sure you stain it evenly. When that is done we will be drilling holes. With the outside trim Clearcoated after the stain and , mounted AGAIN with contact cement we will drill holes as pictured on the box and the instructions.

     These will accomodate The Chrome round headed bolts that anchor the wood to the steel body. They are purely decorative here, in a way, in that there's no strain on them. You will use jewelry wire .010 in dia. When it is cut You will put it in an .020 brass tube and letting just a hair stick out, Flatten it into, "a rounded to the eye," Bolt head. Slip it out of the tube and insert in the hole on the model. When that is done Clench over the inside and make sure it is snug, but not pulling on the head. Add one tiny drop of C.A. and set the tailgate aside and Oh! If you wish you can use silver solder for this step. It shines up nice!

     Now walk away. Go pet your Dog or Cat or play with your pet Bird. or Fish, Ah Whatever! Relax and think about other stuff. No, I am Not walking you through the whole car! I wanted you to get a taste of the work required to do this step to the model. And this is the smallest part to work with!

     Now imagine what is takes to do a whole model car like this. Do you want the challenge even without pictures? Well, then tell me "Oh! Gosh, No More" OR "Hey! tell me MORE!"




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